Stacked shelves line the walls in cosmetics store interior design

Following its online success, Rajeunir Black Caviar opened its first retail store in Houston, in the popular Galleria Mall. While the online presence of this retailer does not suffer from any lack of personality, the challenge was to translate this into the physical reality of a brick-and-mortar store. Studio Jantzen and Open Source Architecture successfully undertook the challenge. They created a cosmetics store interior design suited to the tastes of modern consumers and that suggests the avant-garde character of the company’s products.

Simple entrance design for cosmetics storeKeeping the interior white and fresh, the designers introduced waves of shelves that follow and redefine the shape of the walls. The shelves have mainly an aesthetic value, being stacked one upon the other at small intervals.

Mostly white store interior with monochromatic floors, ceilings and wallsThe visual effect is beautiful. The soft curves of these structures introduce a very appropriate feminine element into the design and give the impression of movement, flowing in long lines along the walls.

Unique cosmetics store interior design with stacked-shelves structure defining the shape of the wallsThe white shelves alternate with gold inserts creating the impression of dynamic three-dimensional shapes that spring from one another. Every now and then, the shelves recede, leaving room for black counters where customers can try the products, or for protruding shelves used to display products.

Undulating shelf structures with decorative function in cosmetics shop

Cosmetics store interior design: Studio Jantzen  and Open Source Architecture
All photos: Aker Imaging / Joe C. Aker

In order to obtain just the right visual effect, precision was important, so the shelves were digitally designed and cut using computer-controlled machinery. Adding to this, the chromatic combination of white, gold and black brings its own symbolism of freshness, luxury and elegance.

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