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This information would be interesting if you own a retail business and are looking for a more manageable, easy to use, and almost intuitive point of sale system.  One Step Retail Solutions is a world leader of POS systems and have been around for over 25 years.  The providers of the system are not your average tech guys – they came from retail themselves and act as consultants for their clients. This makes them unique on POS market. No wonder their clients are such established brands like Ed Hardy, Diesel USA and TUMI.

One Step Retail Solutions

More recently One Step Retail Solutions presented LightSpeed and Teamwork POS – the most innovative POS technology out there for retailers! LightSpeed for Mac, with its easy to use, almost iTunes-like interface and its slick and elegant design, is a powerful system that has you managing your store with speed and accuracy. It would be the perfect solution for Mac lovers!

Point Of Sale Solutions

Teamwork POS, a solution for both PC and Mac as well as an iPad POS, has hit the market with a whole new level of intuition. With its tremendous reporting capabilities, Teamwork is a web-based solution with architecture like no other system. Not only will it run on your Mac, but with the iPad POS function, one can ring up sales by scan or Quick Pick, take credit cards, signature capture; use it for line-busting throughout the store, as Customer Display with advertising or for stock counting on the floor. Both solutions are perfect for the most hip, modernly designed stores!

Point of Sale Solutions

Jenny Brainard, from One Step Retail says, “It isn’t really a surprise that both these POS solutions are selling like hot cakes! One client is using six iPads per store nationwide to take advantage of the most modern and attractive POS technology there is. You can’t walk into a store being managed by iPad POS systems and not think to yourself how ‘with the times’ and cool that store is – it’s like the feeling of walking into an Apple Store!”

Ed Hardy Store Interior

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What can I say, if you want to play like a pro, try using pro systems in your business!

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