Gray ceiling clouds in elegant restaurant design

As a restaurant owner, you owe it to yourself to use every inch of your space to appeal to your customers. Many times, ceilings are underused or allowed to slip into visual anonimity. However, their design potential is extraordinary. Uninterrupted by furniture or functional structures, ceilings offer you a vast background against which you can project your most daring designs. To prove the point, here are some popular ceiling finishes in restaurant design. 

Photo above: Pronto Pizza Restaurant, Ukraine, by Vymir Design Studio. Via

Ceiling Clouds

Despite their functional role in absorbing noise and creating a calmer, more intimate atmosphere, ceiling clouds can look as elegant and romantic as they sound. Different configurations, whether layered or not, in muted or vibrant colors can create a ceiling landscape that draws the eye upwards and makes the ceiling look higher.

Using them in rustic interior designs offers a contrast that emphasizes the nostalgic style of the space. Geometric or colorful ceiling clouds fit well modern or hip interiors, while textured clouds give ceilings a more prounounced 3D look and soften the architecture of this area. 

Round acoustic ceiling clouds in rustic restaurant interior

EchoCloud from Kirei

Multicolored ceiling finish with hexagonal pattern

ZenCloud MONO from Acoustic Design Lab

Acoustic clouds as elegant ceiling finishes in restaurant design

Pronto Pizza Restaurant, Ukraine, by Vymir Design Studio. Via

Ceiling Baffles

Similar to ceiling clouds, acoustic ceiling baffles help reduce the noise and absorb echoes. However, their vertical construction and placement give the ceiling even more depth. Even when their role is mostly decorative, their versatility makes them worth considering: You can choose to place them exactly where you need more color, depth, pattern or texture. When they come in undulating or geometric shapes, ceiling baffles may even become the visual focus of the room.

Red undulating ceiling baffles against neutral background

Atmosphera® Adaptive Ripple from Arktura

Vibrant yellow ceiling baffles

Clario Baffles from 3form

Felt Ceiling Products

Felt ceiling products are effective as noise-reducing tools and can easily mitigate the acoustic problems that come with high ceilings. Some shapes can make trapping noise even easier, while their soft texture balances the harshness of structural or furnising elements.

Gray diamond-shaped felt ceiling finish above colorful public space area

EchoStar ceiling product from Kirei. Photo: Jasper Sanidad via

Streched Metal

Metal sheets cut and stretcehd to create regular patterns are very popular ceiling finishes in restaurant design, especially as part of industrial or urban spaces. Their beauty comes from the illusion of transparency that the panels create, despite the raw texture of the metal. They are a perfect way to mask an unsightly ceiling while preserving the sense of height, due to the fact that they don’t completly block it. The fact that the panels can also bring you the color your space needs makes them even more popular ceiling options.

Metal ceiling finish in pale turquoise

People’s Choice Credit Union Offices, Adelaide, Australia. Via

Ripple Metal Panels

The specific texture of metal makes it an excellent option when you are after a spectacular visual effect. Ripple metal panels  that create the illusion of flowing water give your space a dynamic feel and add eye-catching plays of light and shades to your interior. Other patterns are visually effective too: Depending on the particular color tone, they can give an unequaled feel of opulence to an elegant restaurant.

Ceiling metal sheet with water ripple effect

Meow Restaurant, Guangzhou, China. By E Studio. Photo: Chao Zhang via

Metallic ceiling finishes for restaurant design

BWT Metal Sheets from Boweite Metal Technology

Decorative Panels

If you prefer a simpler look for your restaurant, you can satisfy the need for visual challenge by using decorative panels on your ceilings. Those with cut-out patterns allow you to integrate them with your lighting and to layer them with the colors of your ceiling behind them.

Decorative ceiling finish with floral pattern for restaurant design

Photo via Pinterest

Wavy Layers

Layers are the very definition of a rich look. If this is your design vision, layering different elements, regardless of the material you use, is the way to go. Add to this wavy patterns, and your interior will gve off a sense of both warmth and adventure.

For example, creating ceiling landscapes that continue downwards into space dividers is achievable by using perforated aluminum sheets in different or gradient colors.

Wavy layered ceiling finishes and dividers

Zhongshu Bookstore in Suzhou, China. Architect: Wutopia Lab. Photo: Yijie Hu. Via

Artistic or Floral Ceilings

For artistic natures, however, ceilings can simply be your canvas where any type of material or idea can find a worthy home. The sky is the limit: Flowers that engulf your ceiling with deep colors, origami-inspired paper decor, umbrellas, empty bottles, books, glass globes are only a few of the materials – some recycled and ready for a secod life – that you can use in order to make your restaurant truly unique. You may even find yourself to be a trend-setter and open the door to new ceiling finishes in restaurant design.

Floral ceiling decor in elegant interior

Isabel Sá Nogueira Hotel, Porto, Portugal. Photo: Carlos Vieira via Branca

Decorative restaurant ceiling design inspired by the art of origami

Nozomi Sushi Bar, Valencia, Spain. Designer: Masquespacio. Photo: David Rodríguez y Carlos Huecas via

Glass globe ceiling decor in sophisticated restaurant

Photo via Pinterest

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