The professional customization of the floor plan which you are purchasing from us is an additional service.  We will use the existing floor plan and adjust it to your particular location.  This will save you time and money trying to figure out how to lay out your new establishment. This service is offered to clients who are on a tight budget and want to move things quickly with their project.

To purchase this service you will need to purchase our Typical Floor Plan first.  We are including 2 FREE reviews of the drawings before the final version will be sent you to.

Following are the drawings you will have adjusted for your particular location:

  • Floor plan
  • Ceiling/Electrical plan
  • Equipment layout and schedule
  • Interior elevations of each wall and service counters
  • Finish schedule and finishes list
  • ADA compliant Bathroom floor plan for your location
  • ADA compliant Bathroom interior elevations
  • ADA compliant accessories and signage installation diagrams
  • Branding by Interior e-book is included for FREE

NOW ONLY: $599.00

NOTE: If you need to receive your local Health and Building Departments permits we recommend you getting our Construction Documents Preparation services instead.  This set will include additional drawings needed for your permits such as: Site Plan and Parking, Plumbing, Mechanical Plans and any other additional information needed for your particular location.

If you are interested in individual custom branding and design of your new space, request more information on our Full Custom Coffee Shop Design Services.