Elegnat tabletop Halloween decor with standing witches

With October in full swing, Halloween decor seems to pop up everywhere. If you want to be part of these seasonal celebrations and put both your customers and employees in a good mood, try a few quick Halloween decor ideas. They will keep them smiling and make your space a fun place to be.

Don’t leave anything to chance – start in the parking lot. A wooden sign is a simple way to remind them all that you have a sense of humor.

Photo above: Halloween Witches Decor by Norrska from Etsy

Fun wooden Halloween sign for parking lots

Halloween Broom Parking Sign by Mulberry Market Design from Etsy

While your customers are still outside, indulge them with a little zombie scene. These metal signs work with your outdoor space and, depending on the light, may turn surprisingly efficient in painting an entertaining picture. In addition, they are easy to store away and take little room. 

Halloween Metal Yard Art by Custom Love Metal Art from Etsy

A strategic approach to your Halloween decor is always welcome. Start with the windows and a few easy-to-apply decals. 

Simple Halloween vinyl decals for windows

Halloween Window Decals by Halfstar UK from Etsy

Complement that with a little decal right on the entrance door. 

"Boo" vinyl decal on entrance door for quick Halloween decor

Door Decal by Custom Vinyl by Bridge from Etsy

Working on building up some enthusiasm for the coming celebrations is a great idea if you want to extend the joys of the season. A countdown sign provides you with some consistent decor, a tool to visualise the approaching of the scariest night of the year, and an additional way to remember what day it is. 

Countdown wooden sign in the shape of a coffin

Halloween Countdown Sign by A Little Beautiful Mess from Etsy

If you own a restaurant, place a few ghost vases on the tables for some quick Halloween decor. The simple shape of these seasonal centerpieces makes them look at home in both formal and informal spaces.

White ghost vases for quick Halloween decor in restaurants

Ghost Vase by Clayousomuch from Etsy

The humble yet impactful garland remains the simplest and quickest way to add some Halloween vibes to your restaurant or office. While Halloween decor is playful and showy by definition, a more subtle design is a great option for elegant spaces.

Elegant witch garland in black

Halloween Garland by Norrska from Etsy 

If you prefer no-fuss decor, with no need for glue, strings or drama, the tabletop kind is a solution that requires little effort. A paper city landscape in fitting black tones creates the right visual impact, even more when combined with flying-witches garlands.

Town scene tabletop paper decor

Halloween Town Decoration by Norrska from Etsy

If you have a coffee station for your employees, leave a little Halloween message with a most appropriate Halloween beverage recipe. 

Quick wooden Halloween decor for coffee stations

Halloween Wooden Sign by The Little Pink Panda from Etsy

Finally, don’t forget the restrooms. A quick sign change can suggest that the Halloween spirit is everywhere. 

Bathroom signs for the Halloween season

Halloween Restroom Sign by The Suburban Homestead from Etsy

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