Modular pendants with minimalist designs.

Light fixtures are an excellent way of infusing your commercial interior with personality and charm. Towering over your space and visible from all angles, they are an opportunity to make a statement on a relatively small budget. Considering the abundant selection of fun light fixtures out there that use unconventional designs, shapes or materials, choosing one or more that fits your interior may turn into an entertaining trip through the creative power of lighting designers.

Photo above: Modular Pendant Lights from Lightology

Take, for example, the Afloat lamp, with its multicolor construction and playful presence. Inspired by balloon art, it perfectly retains the airy and amusing character of balloon toys, while adding the weight and pose of porcelain to the mix. Informal and almost empathically different, this light fixture may be just what you need to make your casual dessert shop, for instance, a visually entertaining place. Its combination of pastel and strong colors can also serve as a starting point in defining a color palette for your space. 

Fun light fixture inspired by balloon art.

Afloat LED Porcelain Pendant Lamp by Luca Nichetto on

The Cirkus chandelier uses U-shaped tubular modules to create a similar visual effect. Its robust construction demands attention and can help you add a substantial amount of color to your ceilings. The modules can be moved at the tip of the arm for directional light, giving you the opportunity to play with how the light falls on the other elements of your interior.


Sturdy chandelier with U-shaped modules.

Cirkus Chandelier from Vakkerlight

The Grand Finale Suspension lamp retains the curves without the bulk. Its graceful elongated arms that arch towards illuminated globes of different sizes seem the very definition of elegance. The arms of the light fixtures seem drawn with a sharp pencil, as if following the trajectory of an explosion of light. Depending on the frame color, the lamp can create the illusion of floating globes of light, which is a perfect way to build an intimate and almost mysterious ambiance.

Elegant chandelier with gracefully arched arms.

Gran Finale Suspension Light from Vakkerlight

If you are looking for fun light fixtures that allow you to put your own fingerprints on your interior design, go no further than these modular pendant lights. To make your own pendants, combine the different modules into your very own creation and adapt them to what you want your space to be. Their minimalist, geometric and almost stylized construction is ideal for informal commercial spaces designed for casual get-togethers and for young audiences.

Fun modular light fixture you can customize yourself.

Modular Pendant Lights from Lightology

On the other end of the spectrum, if elegance is what you’re after, you cannot go wrong with the Leaf pendant light, whether in gold, bronze, platinum or white. Made of porcelain with integrated lights, the “leaves” create delicate plays of lights and shades that come together into large, mesmerizing canopies, full of delicate and intricate details.

Elegant leaf-shaped light pendant.

Leaf Pendant Light from The Montauk Lighting Co.

If you are looking for fun light fixtures that are elegant yet casual and playful, the Bloom pendants are for you. Inspired by the shape of flower corollas, they can help you create an entire suspended garden above your restaurant or shop while keeping the look simple and monochromatic.

Fun light fixtures inspired by the shape of flower petals.

Bloom Pendant by Monika Mulder on AndLight

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