Rattan lighting with background in soft tones

In the last years, the increased interest in natural and sustainable materials in the interior design world has made rattan lighting become an appealing choice. Made from the vines of a tropical climbing palm that are harvested without sacrificing the entire plant, rattan accents not only make you feel better about your design choices, but also have a unique aesthetic appeal. 

Photo above: Flora Rattan Pendant from Pottery Barn

There is something relaxing and comforting about natural materials that are instantly recognized as familiar by the human eye, and rattan is no exception. If rattan furniture needs to first be functional, the decorative role of rattan light fixtures allow for more freedom of creativity. That means you get the natural beauty and vibes without the high cost. In fact, adding rattan lighting to your commercial space is one of the simplest way to bring in a hint of the outdoors and make your customer feel closer to nature.

The best feature of rattan lighting is that each piece is one-of-a-kind. The texture, body and movement of the fibers may be similar from one piece to another, but each one has its unique character that invites a second look. If good design means offering the eye a constant source of visual details, rattan does an excellent job in keeping it entertained.

The woven patterns contribute to the original look of each fixture. While a simple net pattern is everything you need for a spectacular piece, other decorative touches can capture the attention, like in the case of this Flora rattan pendant from Pottery Barn, in which waving horizontal threads give the illusion of a simplified script. The addition of the rope cord gives this piece a rustic vibe that complements the organic look of the shade.

Rattan light pendant with rope cord

Flora Rattan Pendant from Pottery Barn 

Another desirable feature is the transparency of each piece. Light travels freely through the net of the rattan lamp shades and casts intricate plays of shadows on the walls. When rattan lighting is combined with green plants and rustic furniture, the visual effect is complete: Filled with natural textures, the space become relaxing and comforting through its very simplicity. 

Handcrafted woven lamp at night

Handcrafted Rattan Pendant Light from Super Rattan Things on Etsy

When used in clusters, rattan pendants can have a dramatic impact. Their light construction does not overwhelm the space, while the lacey design gives them an ethereal look when illuminated from within in a dark room. They have the ability to create an intimate atmosphere above which they seem to float weightless.

Clusters of light pendants above restaurant table

Handcrafted Rattan Pendant Light from Super Rattan Things on Etsy

While their organic construction makes rattan light fixtures excellent addition to rustic interiors, they greatly complement eclectic spaces that thrive on textures and details, or traditional ones with heavy furniture and dark tones. Contemporary interiors can also benefit from the clean feel of rattan lighting that go hand in hand with their simple lines. Spas that need to achieve a relaxing and close-to-nature look, as well as restaurants in need of a few spectacular pieces and of a warm and cozy ambiance are excellent candidates for rattan light accents.

Rattan chandelier against window view

Handwoven Rattan Chandelier from Arturest

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