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For candy lovers, Redstone Foods sounds like a fascinating workplace. For business owners looking for a reliable wholesale distributor of candy supplies, the company may be the one-stop solution to their search.

Today, we talked to Jim Woods, territory manager at Redstone Foods, about the company’s past and present. As the largest wholesaler in the Southwest, Redstone Foods offers its customers an impressive selection of fancy, unique and nostalgia candy supplies. Here, we are introduced to the most popular ones, and to how new business owners can start working with the company.

Tell us about Redstone Foods. How old is the company and how did it start?

Redstone Foods is a third generation family-owned business, established in Dallas by Helen and Herman Rothstein. Redstone has been delivering a sweet experience to its customers since 1966. With an inventory of over 6,500 selections, we feature an extensive range of candy supplies: bulk, novelty, old fashioned, fine chocolates and the ever growing craft sodas. In addition, we have holiday offerings that are second to none. We proudly serve thousands of gourmet food stores, distributors, candy stores, florists, gift shops and many other retail outlets throughout the United States as well as internationally.

For the last 30 years as weel as today, Stan Rothstein  has served as the president of Redstone Foods. In addition, his wife Marilyn and three sons Josh, Neal and Daniel hold prominent roles at Redstone Foods. In 1988, Stan was awarded the “Professional Candy Buyer Magazine” Outstanding Achievement Award, and in April 2000, he was inducted into the NCSA Candy Hall of Fame. Redstone Foods maintains its corporate office, distribution center and showroom in Carrollton,Texas.

Bag of DinDon Ju-C Jelly Bites from whoselale distributor of candy supplies

Din Don Ju-C Jelly Bites

What is your most popular product right now and why?  What are you famous for?

There are several products that are currently maintaining a high level of popularity. Toxic Waste Slime Lickers, Din Don Ju-C Jelly Bites, Lil’ Nitro (world’s hottest gummi bear) and Toe of Satan (world’s hottest lollipop) all serve as top-selling items. These all have been prominently highlighted on TikTok and continue to be in high demand.

It would be hard to choose one thing that Redstone Foods is best known for – we do everything so well! Certainly, customer service is a high priority and something we take very seriously. With regards to product, we have an outstanding and one of the largest nostalgia categories. Who doesn’t like an Astro Pop, Pop Rocks, Moon Pie or Goo Goo Cluster? In addition, we carry over 500 craft sodas, all bottled, with many of them 100% pure cane sugar.

Box of Lil' Nitro gummy bears from candy wholesale distributor

Lil’ Nitro – World’s Hottest Gummi Bear

Box of Toe of Satan Lollipops for Candy Stores

Toe of  Satan – Hottest Lollipop

Do you have any new hot products we should know about?

One item to keep an eye on is Planet Gummi by eFrutti. This product is currently not available in the U.S., but is blowing up internationally due again to Tik Tok. As the leader in the industry, Redstone Foods has already secured several orders and will continue to order the product per our customers’ request. In fact, Redstone will serve as one of only 3 distributors of this hot product.

Planet Gummi by eFrutti

What is the best way to contact your company for someone starting a new business?

The best way to contact us is via our website. Once on the website, you can view all of our more than 6,500 candy and snacks, and our more than 500 craft sodas. If you are a new business and looking to learn more about Redstone Foods, I would recommend signing up, then filling out and submitting the requested information. This will create an internal lead and will be assigned to one of our highly trained, professional sales representatives.

In addition, you will receive a thank you email from our customer service with further guidance. Once you have registered, you will have access to product pricing and other pertinent information on the website.

Astro Pop

Liquid Candies

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Sweet Life Candy Shop and Arcade Interior Design and Branding by Mindful Design Consulting

Supplier of candies on this project is Redstone Foods.

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