Recessed light into Chandelier converter

How do you Replace Your Recessed Light with a Chandelier? Chandelier’s look cool in any home, but we generally associate them with more upmarket properties. Perhaps that is why many people think that a chandelier couldn’t possibly work in their house. However, with recessed light conversion kit, it’s easy to replace a recessed light with a chandelier. Here’s what you need to do.

Recessed light into Chandelier converter

What You Need

You will need the R56 recessed light conversion kit, a standard Phillips screwdriver, wire cutters, and safety goggles. Make sure that you switch off the power at the breaker box before you begin.

Recessed light into Chandelier converter

Recessed Light Conversion Kit Installation

  1. Remove the light bulb and can trim from the can light you will be replacing.
  1. Put the mounting bracket assembly together using the three offset-sliding brackets and the three flat-head screws and wing nuts.
  1. Within the can housing, there is a metal bracket that holds the light socket. If it is adjustable, loosen the wing nut and slide the bracket to the top of the can housing. Tighten the wing nut and screw in the can converter power outlet adapter.

NOTE: If there are three screws in your existing can in a triangular configuration proceed to step 8. If there are not three screws in a triangular configuration, continue to steps 4-7 and bypass step 8.

  1. If the screws that attach the metal can to the wall are not in a triangular configuration, remove one of the screws. Now set the assembled mounting bracket in position to utilize the empty screw hole. Using a Can Converter self-tapping screw, attach one of the offset-sliding brackets to the can housing.
  2. Loosen the wing nuts and slide the two unattached offset-sliding-brackets so they make contact with the inside wall of the can housing. Mark the positions of the two-empty offset-bracket holes on the can housing.
  3. Loosen the self-tapping screw and remove the mounting bracket. Using a power drill, screw the self-tapping screws into the marks you made. Half the length of the screw should remain exposed.
  4. Re-insert the mounting bracket assembly and position the offset sliders onto the three self-tapping screws and lower the sliders onto the lock position. Tighten the screws securely into the can housing.
  5. If the screws in your existing can are in a triangular configuration, remove them and replace them with the can converter self-tapping screws. Half the length of the screws should remain exposed. Use the existing holes to mount the offset-bracket assembly. Set the off-set sliders onto the three self-tapping screws and lower the sliders onto the lock position.
  6. Loosen the wing nuts on the flat-head screws and adjust them so that the heads are level with the base of the can. Tighten the wing nuts to lock the screws in position.

Recessed light into chandelier converter kit

Recessed light into Chandelier converter

Installing the Chandelier

  1. Pre-assemble your new Chandelier following the manufactures instructions.
  2. Screw the threaded pipe into the mounting bracket until it extends below the level of the can. Screw the light hook that came with the fixture onto the threaded pipe.
  3. Place the medallion you will be using along with the chandelier’s canopy against the ceiling. Adjust the threaded pipe so that the top of the light hook threads are just inside the canopy.
  4. Remove the light hook, canopy and medallion. Use a brass nut to secure the threaded pipe against the mounting bracket. Re-install the light hook.
  5. Bring your pre-assembled chandelier into position. Thread the chandelier wiring up through the links in the chain. Now slide the chandelier nut, the light canopy and the medallion down the chain. Attach the chain to the light hook.
  6. Feed the wiring from the chandelier all the way through the light hook and threaded pipe and let the wires fall down the outside of the can. Cut off the excess wiring.
  7. Using wire nuts, pair together the fixture’s hot wire to the power outlet adapter’s hot wire, the fixture’s neutral wire to the power outlet adapter’s neutral wire and the fixture’s ground wire to the ground wire on the mounting bracket. Tuck the wiring neatly into the light canopy and medallion.
  8. Slide the medallion, light canopy and the light hook nut up to the ceiling. Secure the assembly in place by tightening the light hook nut onto the light hook.
  9. Turn the power back on at the breaker box.

That’s it – this is how replace your recessed light with a chandelier, without having to hire a contractor or electrician.

Recessed light into Chandelier converter

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