What do YOU think today’s residential houses should be like?

I truly believe our home should:

• Safeguard the mental and physical well-being of humans.
• Produce enough energy to operate ALL needed equipment.
• Convert human waste into useful resources.
• Be easily expanded or downsized.
• Be maintained with minimum effort.

Did you know that we can build this house using currently available technology, materials and resources?

Imagine a new home, ecologically friendly and comfortable to live in. It is made out of natural materials which don’t emit harmful chemicals. It utilizes from nature: sunlight, wind and rainwater; providing back cleaned wastewater, electricity, and organic fertilizers. This “machine” lives for as long as people need it. After that, unbolted metal beams will be taken out and recycled; walls will be simply leveled down to the ground and the lot returned to its origin.

For C2C competition Mindful Design proposed a rammed earth house as a solution to the problem.

This home is comprised of three main parallel structural walls supporting the whole building. The rest of the assembly is very light, flexible and can be removed as needed to change the layout for different use. These walls are made of local stabilized earth and rock, the oldest construction method on the planet. The earth is waterproofed as needed on the outside but exposed on the inside so that the walls “breathe”. The thickness of the walls serves as a barrier for temperature change.

Creating rammed walls involves a process of compressing a damp mixture of earth that has suitable proportions of sand, gravel and clay (sometimes with an added stabilizer) into an externally supported frame that molds the shape of a wall section creating a solid wall of earth with beautiful natural coloration.

Each of the three walls of the house serve a different function:  Read more of this article HERE.