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When it comes to restaurant design, “eco-friendly” means more than just finding ways to preserve energy. It means that the use of recycled materials can play a huge part in the conception of the interior. Barcelona-based Nancy Robbins Design Studio took this idea and created a beautiful space for the international interior design show Casa Decor in Barcelona, a few years ago.

Recycled Materials Restaurant

With sustainability as the theme of the show, the designers built a restaurant interior where recycled materials appeared in unexpected places and forms and whose clever use sometimes needed a second look to be identified.

While some concrete walls were left bare for a calculated visual effect, others were ingeniously camouflaged with vertically attached wooden pallets or covered with used cardboard. This “improvised” look came in contrast with the modern furniture and gave the space a whimsical character.

Recycled Restaurant Interior

The focal point of the room was the enormous “chandelier” consisting of CFL light bulbs covered in used bubble wrap, and a 375 square foot grid of cables. While the effect is unexpected and impressive, the sound-absorbing qualities of the chandelier bring an extra benefit into the mix. Other individual lighting fixtures were created using discarded lampshade molds.

Recycled Light Fixtures Resaturant Design

Why these particular choices? Designers explained that they had been driven not only by the desire to use recycled materials for the sake of sustainability, but also by the decision to create something that would fit a low budget. In addition, the restaurant was to be used for only a limited period of time. However, the idea already took roots, with clients expressing interest in the concept for their permanent locations.

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