If you own a restaurant business and you want to be ahead of the game, a mobile app is the fastest way to bring you there. With the prevalence of phone usage today as a mediator for so many activities, not taking advantage of it is a mistake.

The reports are impressive. The vast majority of smartphone users look for a restaurant on their phone, while 9 out of 10 of these visit the location in the next 24 hours. Add to that the large proportion of people who order their food online, and you have an audience ready to act. Yet only a minuscule percentage of restaurants have a mobile app, which is good news for you. The competition in the restaurant mobile app field is still forgiving, so your chance to reach potential customers and keep them by having such a presence is great.

Chipotle Restaurant Phone App

Why You Need A Mobile App

So, how exactly does a mobile app work for you? First, it creates brand awareness, which is what you should always strive for. With your app always at their fingertips, customers have less chances to forget about you. Second, it creates a direct channel of communication between you and your clients, through which you can notify them of your deals as often as you want. Third, by storing information about your patrons, you can personalize your messages, offer them exactly what they need, and increase the chances that they follow up.

Sonic Drive-In Phone App

Restaurant App

Papa John’s Phone App

A restaurant mobile app can also improve your business by making the process easier for your clients. They can use the app to make reservations or order food, bypassing the often uncomfortable conversation with restaurant staff over the phone. They have your menu always at hand and can check table availability. They can use your loyalty programs to get deals such as discounts or bonuses, while you enjoy their returning business.

Finally, by encouraging them to write reviews and using social media to spread the world, you make the app and your customers work for you. Your clients will enjoy the convenience, you will appreciate the marketing power of your app, and both will find communication over the phone app much improved.

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Mobile Apps for Small Restaurants

It seems like a whole word of good things are waiting to happen for you, provided that you take this step. Of course, the best scenario is to develop your own mobile app and have a singular presence on your client’s smartphone. However, if yours is a small restaurant or if you are just starting and are on a budget, you can use existing apps that will help you promote your business. Here are a few that you might want to consider.


The popularity of Grubhub is well established. Your customers can use the app to order from your menu and have the food delivered to their door.

Open Table

The app allows customers to make restaurant reservation from their phones. Behind this easy-to-use app, there is a growing business that can increase your exposure.


If you offer healthy food options such as vegetarian, vegan, paleo, low-carb etc., you should advertise it. Health-minded customers are an often ignored category that can be very grateful for being able to find you and read your menu on Tasteful.

Happy Hour Finder

You can take advantage of the deal-seeking crowd by having a presence on Happy Hour Finder. The app allows you to advertise your deals and hours.

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