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Contrast is a necessary element in design, yet it is somewhat difficult to master. It is not only the chromatic contrast, but the one obtained by juxtaposing different furniture trends, textures or even design styles.

The designers of the LollyPop Restaurant and Café in Bucharest, Romania, have proved to be masters of this difficult craft. Dreamed up by the Creativ Interior studio, the restaurant combines unexpected classic and modern elements and turns into a space where new decorative details are waiting to be discovered at every step.

Sculptures-in-Resturant-DesignWhile vibrant and neutral colors are brought together by the daring chromatic palette of the furniture and create an eye-catching and dynamic interior, it’s the details that give the space its character. The fun details of the lobby chairs, the black-and-white geometric design of the lobby floor, the patterned tile of the floor in the dining area, the colorful vertical slats used as dividers – all create contrast of texture, color and style.

Contrasting-Design-Styles-in-Restaurant-DesignBut it is the photo wallpaper around the whole perimeter of the restaurant that steals the show. The wallpaper was chosen with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, First, it differentiates the various areas of the restaurant. However, it started as a decorative solution for treating the lollipop theme (that starts with the very name of the restaurant).

In the central dining area, for instance, the wallpaper represents classic characters against a geometric background. Here, the contrast turns thematic. The characters, serious and self-possessed, are holding lollipops, in an amusing design twist.

Classic-Elements-in-Restaurant-DesignThe wallpaper turns neutral in the bar area, with life-size Greek columns that contrast with the geometric lines of the counter. Then, in the lounge area, it turns to idyllic scenes and representations of classic sculptures and paintings.

Greek-Columns-in-Restaurant-DesignThe ceiling received the 3-D treatment, with painted rectangular panels suspended at different heights, introducing yet another color into this lively space and providing contrast for the elegant chandeliers. Texture is indeed used with skill, for a space that is both warm and surprising, playful and elegant.

Colorful-Ceiling-in-Restaurant-DesignPlease take a look at our Before and After images of selected projects from 2015 HERE.

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