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Shopping Center Design: Mindful Design Consulting
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A centrally located retail, office and medical space in San Marcos, California, Park Place was in need of an update to get ready for new occupancy. Located on 904-920 West San Marcos Blvd., this three-building complex was ready to enter a new stage as a renovated rental space, with a brand new exterior and upgraded parking lot, offices, lobby and restrooms. Mindful Design Consulting tackled the project and created a new fresh look by redesigning all three buildings.

The rental space started with a tired look and an uninspiring façade that melted in the background and did nothing to attract attention. While the warm exterior colors and stucco finish seemed the right fit for the area and climate, the buildings offered little in terms of visual interest.

Old shopping center design before update

Park Place Building #1 Before

We saw the restricted color palette as a wasted opportunity in showcasing the svelte lines of the first building’s structure and its architectural quirks. The building had a clean look, but it seemed weighted down by its heavy earthy tones. 

Old shopping center entrance before update

Park Place Building #1 Before

In order to correct this and make the building stand out, we adopted a different color scheme. While staying within the limits of a warm chromatic palette that borrowed from the sunny Californian tones, we accentuated the elements of the building by using contrasting colors. White and orange paint emphasizes the lines of the columns, while the yellow soffits look fresh and bright. 

Laser-cut decorative metal panels replace the decorative tile belt all around the exterior wall. Their reflective qualities and light tones eliminate the impression of the building being divided in two and allow for an eye-pleasing continuity of the the lower and upper level.

The aesthetic appeal of the new design is enhanced by draught-tolerant landscaping.

New colorful shopping center design

Park Place Building #1 After

The windows’ new blue tint looks modern, clean and fresh, and pairs well with the bright color scheme.

Material board for shopping center building exterior

We extended the same concept to the other two buildings, emphasizing the shape of the columns and windows by using contrasting colors. 

Second Building Exterior Renovation

Park Place Building #2 After

Slight differences in the chromatic scheme of the shopping center design give each building a different, recognizable character. 

Third Building Exterior Upgrade

Park Place Building #3 After

The next step in the Park Place shopping center design was the interior of the office building. The lobby and the office space were in great need of a new design concept. A combination of monotonous and lackluster neutrals, outdated furniture and improvised wall decor created a tired vibe. 

Old staircase before renovation

Building #1 Interior Before

Old first level before interior renovation

Building #1 Interior Before

We completely revamped the lobby, by updating the finishes, furniture, accent pieces and colors. We gave the entire staircase a facelift, replacing its frame, banisters, railing and carpet. Following the angles of the stairs and stair landing, the cable railing looks simpler, cleaner and less bulky, and takes the eye in the direction of the traffic. 

New shopping center lobby design after renovation

Building #1 Interior After

By removing the unnecessary trim, we created a cleaner look, which allowed us to play with bright colors without the risk of a busy design. We kept the old floor tiles, but we matched their color with a wood-toned ceiling under the stair landing and with painted wall panels. Two-layered wall screens with a geometric cutout design tie in with the paint color, furniture and plant containers, and prove to be a cost-effective solution to create some visual interest. 

Modern lobby design after renovation

Building #1 Interior After

Warm-toned furniture placed in a corner seating area brings a few more color shades into the mix and provides another modern touch that elevates the look of the lobby. A decorative chandelier whose lightshades are similar to those of the wall sconces provides additional light, brightens up the space and emphasizes the height of the ceiling.

New entrance and lobby design in shopping center

Building #1 Interior After

Lobby design material board

We extended the wood-toned ceiling treatment into the corridor area upstairs, where a traffic-friendly carpet in dark tones brings together the colors of the interior. 

New first level design in shopping center

Building #1 Interior After

Newly renovated corridor inside shopping center

Building #1 Interior After

Material board for shopping center corridors

Finally, we brought the neutral background and bright color accents into the bathroom design. While the finishes and patterns are similar, we varied the colors of men’s and women’s restrooms to create a different feel. However, the combination of wood tones, geometric patterns, tile and modern accents continue on the same general lines as the rest of the interior design.

Gray and orange shopping center bathroom remodel

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