Interior Paint Colors Selection

Selecting colors for your interior can be a difficult task and that is why I see some of my clients being stuck with the same old colors (or white) of their interior spaces for years! They just feel safe.  But with modern technology it’s actually becoming much easier and even fun!  Today I will share one of my favorite applications for an IPhone which you could use even yourself.  Of course if you are still unsure, you can always give me a call for a quick consultation.

Selecting Colors with an IPhone

The application which I like using is called a ColorSnap which was made by Sherwin Williams.  I use Sherwin Williams for my paint colors selection anyway, so this was an easy way to go. Here is how it works…

Selecting Paint Colors Based on Flooring

You can take a snap shot of your newly selected flooring (rubber flooring in this instance above) and start moving your finger on the image till you see a color you like.  Then you select complementing colors which go well together, OR (and this is a big one) you ask the program to select them for you!

Selecting Paint Colors From Nature

If you do not like the idea of being inspired by your flooring, you can always rely on colors from nature.  Here is an example I did by selecting an image of desert plants in bloom (above.)

Selecting Wall Paint Colors From Art

Your wall art can be a great source of inspiration for your paints. On the image above I took a painting by one of my favorite artists Daniel Merriam and selected colors off the painting itself.  Now I would start choosing my wall colors, draperies or any other accents based on this color pallet.

I hope your are feeling inspired now about selecting your next wall paint colors. And if you do not have an IPhone, no worries, there are other apps out there that do the same or similar thing.  Just look around and good luck!