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Separating Restaurant Spaces With Fabric – Restaurant Interior Design News

Restaurant Design Fabric Ceiling

This restaurant design is definitely thinking “out of box” concept!  The restaurant is located inside of an old factory and needed a stylish and affordable concept to divide the spaces into a kitchen, a bar and dining rooms.

Restaurant Design Fabric Ceiling

The MYU restaurant is located inside of an old liquor factory in the nightlife district of Beirut. It was designed by Paul Kaloustian.

Restaurant Design Fabric Ceiling

Each space was inclosed inside of a vault, shaped by stretched translucent black fabric. Large openings in the fabric provides visitors of the restaurant and the bar to see each other.

Restaurant Design Fabric Ceiling

The original old liquor factory space has not been changed much. It still has the graffiti on its walls and ceiling. The MYU restaurant and bar also uses indirect cold cathods lighting, which can be dimmed to change the feel of the space.
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