Fun Pumpkin and Ghost Halloween Dessert Ideas

While we are self-confessed dessert lovers with great appetites for everything sugar, we are even more passionate about seasonal treats that mix good taste with good looks. And since Halloween is just a few weeks away, we put together for you a few simple Halloween dessert ideas that are fun to look at and, we can only imagine, wonderful to devour.

We could fire up the baker in us and talk about recipes and ingredients. But, as you know, we are all about design. While we are sure that all these desserts taste good, we are more interested in how you can replicate these clever ideas for awesome dessert-table decor and for maximum Halloween fun. 

Let us start with one of our favorites, the chimney cake. In the past, we discussed in great depth what this Eastern European treat is and how it seems to entertain global ambitions. While it would be difficult to bake it at home, and we would rather advise you to try it while on your next European trip, the Chimney Devil version that comes from Prague proves that even desserts from across the ocean can easily don a fun Halloween attire. 

Chimney Devil, a fun Eastern-European dessert

The Chimney Devil, one of the best chimney cones in Prague. 

Created by Good Food Coffee & Bakery

Going back to more achievable goals, it turns out chocolate is the ideal ingredient for Halloween. It gives you the perfect dark background against which you can build your scary landscape. In this case, a bunch of Oreo halves and some candy or jellied eyeballs are all you need to populate your dessert table with ominous bats. Bat Cupcake with Oreos and candy eyeballs for Halloween

Photo via Glaminati

A Halloween cupcake does not even have to be complicated. A “bloody” detail on top of any cupcake makes it ripe for Halloween fun. 

Blood-red icing on cupcake makes it perfect for Halloween


When it comes to seasonal cookies, it’s true that icing is everything. But if you’re not into detail work, do not lose heart. A few cake pops and some humble icing make for excellent spider substitutes.

Spider cookies with cake pops and chocolate icing


Cake pops can also be the basis of these cleverly iced witch brooms. 

Broom Halloween dessert made of cake pops, chocolate and icing


In case you intend a more sophisticated dessert for your Halloween celebrations, try the formal cake. Covered in frosting and treated with a few ghost-like frosting smears, the cake has a look that even un unsophisticated hand could aspire to.

Ghost cake with icing


If you’re into arts and crafts and owe some unused construction paper, you can turn any cake into one with Halloween vibes. If you play your colors well and choose some pumpkin tones for your cake, the look is just right for a fall celebration.

Halloween witch cake with chocolate icing


Your everyday brownie-and-chocolate trifles can earn their spot on your Halloween list of sweet treats with a few simple additions. Cookies, gummy worms and a handful of pumpkin decorations can turn your individual trifles into a scary graveyard landscape. 

Halloween dessert ideas with chocolate trifles, cookies and worms


The same decorative tricks can transform any ice cream into a Halloween-worthy display of sweetness.

Halloween ice cream ideas with bubblegum, chocolate and pumpkin flavors

Bubblegum, Pumpkin and Death by Chocolate Ice Cream from Bigger Bolder Baking

Finally, don’t forget to add liquids to your list of fun Halloween dessert ideas. As long as you have an orange drink and the appropiate glass, you can achieve the result below. Better yet, follow the entire recipe, mix up vanilla ice cream and Fanta orange soda, and whip up these adorable floats in no time.

Orange Halloween Fanta drinks in pumpkin plastic cups

Fanta Jack O’Lantern Floats from Belle of the Kitchen

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