Best Office Plants

It may seem like an impossible task to remember to water your plants every day, whether they’re at home or at work. This is especially true for those who travel for work or lead a busy lifestyle. Fortunately, there are many options when it comes to plants that thrive well indoors with very little maintenance. If you’re looking for something earthy to spice up your office or cubicle, but won’t die over your holiday vacation, keep these best plants for office interior in mind.

Best office plants

Snake Plant

These plants are great for your home or office because of how well they filter the air, keeping it purified and allowing you to feel more energized and free of toxins. They also are extremely resilient and do not need to be watered every single day. In fact, you could leave them for weeks without any wilting occurring. They’re a great leafy alternative to the typical tiny desk succulent and do not require a lot of light to survive.

Mother-in-Low plant best for offices


This plant is both adaptable to different environmental conditions and incredibly useful. You can use the gel inside the plant for burns, such as sunburn, or to clear up acne. You can also use aloe gel for a variety of other things. This plant needs sunlight, so it is best for offices or cubicles with windows facing sunlight. As far as watering, aloe plants need to be fully dried out before watered again, as not to rot the plant. This means you can probably get away with watering them once a month with no issues.

Aloe plant is best for offices


This is a very adaptable plant that, with indirect sunlight and a little love, will be very happy in an indoor environment. To get the most out of your Philodendron, take it outside once in a while to get some indirect sunlight. Rinse the leaves off and flush the soil out with some clean water a few times a year, and this plant should be good to go.

Philodendron Plant best for office interior


When you think of a cactus, you might picture it in a desert setting. This is because so many of them thrive perfectly fine in a dry environment with very little water, making these plants perfect for an office or dorm room. There are many different types of cacti, so do your research and see what would be the best for you. Many need a good amount of sunlight, but this can be mimicked with a good fluorescent light at your desk.

cacti are best plant for offices

Air Plants

These easy-to-care-for plants have become extremely popular as of late. Called a Tillandsia, they get their nickname from the fact that most of their nutrients are gathered from the air. Caring for your air plant could seem intimidating at first, but once you get it started, it’s a very low-maintenance plant for anyone worried about forgetting to water their plants every day.

Air plant Best Plants for Office


The ficus is the official tree of Bangkok, but that doesn’t stop them from being an incredibly popular plant in the United States and all over the globe. Whether you’re looking for indoor plants for your Portland coffee shop, your hot little cubicle in Austin, or that new home you’re looking to buy in the Charleston real estate market, this little tree will thrive. Place them in a location that isn’t too drafty, but where they can get a medium amount of sunlight, and they should stay happy.

Ficus Best Plants for Office

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Best Plants for Office

Plants in your office or at any work place create a healthier environment and put you in a better mood.  To learn more about how to make your work space a happier place read HERE.


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