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Skype Office Design

Now that you are familiar with the new offices of Twitter and Google, let’s enjoy Skype’s new office in Palo Alto, CA.

Office Design

Just as many other large offices around the world Skype created a relaxed environment in addition to that almost unfinished look with exposed piping, plywood and concrete.

Office Design with Honeysuckle color

Office Design

Skype’s office designers skillfully implemented Honeysuckle color of 2011 year for their carpeting and colorful furniture.

Office Design Circular Rugs

These circular rugs remind me of Crop Circle Rugs. What a great idea to bring nature into the office!

Office Design

Commercial Interior Lighting that was used on Skype office design project can be found HERE.

Lighting Office Design

What do you do if you don’t have a ceiling to attach your lights to?  I love this idea of having pieces of plywood floating at the ceiling level with lights attached to them.

Office Design

And if you don’t know what time it is somewhere in the world, this wall is helpful!

Office Design

Office Design Accent Wall

Lounge room is very important! A touch of red will stimulate your mind after long hours of concentration at your computer.

To see more images of Skype office look HERE.


2 replies
  1. Registered Interior Designer
    Registered Interior Designer says:

    Lots of open unused space. Is this condition through the whole floor plan? Is this because of the triangular shape? Or only while they grow into occupyong it?

    That amount of open space for circulatiion as perceive here is quite luxurious. Sometimes it may also be impractical.

    Though in general this spaces look appealing I also see issues with ergonomics, natural light and many design not ‘thought of’ details through out.

  2. Administrator
    Administrator says:

    Sometimes conditions a designer has to work with are not perfect, unless you can build the whole building from scratch. I agree with some of your comments, lots of unused space. But in a way it makes this office more inviting. I think the designers did a great job by adding the bright colors to spice up dark corners. The lighting is also very creative and stimulating. Overall they did a great job with the large space they were given to work with!

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