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It might be difficult, but impossible to grasp how certain people pay more attention to the restaurant’s décor and ambient than they do to their plates. Let’s talk about small tapas restaurant design ideas to consider.  We’re naturally drawn by beauty, light and colors. The second we enter an unfamiliar place our sight remains fixed on sparkly things and whatever enhances a good mood. A lovely interior is a must if you’re looking for ways to boost your small business. It certainly requires time, patience and good planning, but the results will pay off.

To maintain an original tapas atmosphere, you should focus on experience, a good menu and above all, to have an efficient floor plan that will mix great with the original and rustic Spanish décor. Here are some ideas you should take into consideration if you want to boost your small business efficiency through design:

Restaurant design

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Establish A Reliable Floor Plan

No matter how small your restaurant might be, a floor plan is essential if you’re aiming at efficiency. How so? To maintain an original tapas atmosphere, your restaurant must include communal tables. No matter if you’ll encounter large parties or just a bunch of newly made acquaintances, this is what brings that tapas vibe which spread through every corner of your restaurant. The communal eating has completely changed the value of an intimate dining experience by stressing the quality and the exclusivity of the food. Communal tables have always been a top choice in many international cuisines such as dim sum and tapas, but they’re also considered a worthy investment by restaurants of all kinds.

The perfect floor plan, as many experts stated, should allocate 60% from your space for the dining area and 40% of the entire space for prep area and kitchen. There are many ways you can plan your restaurant’s layout to fit with a communal table concept but it usually depends on how much space and finances you have at your disposal, so make sure you plan wisely.

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Make the Entryway More Appealing

Most probably you already know how important a restaurant’s entryway is for the sake of your business when looking into tapas restaurant design ideas. Imagine you wonder the streets in search for a place to finish your day and your eyes have remained fixed on a certain restaurant entryway. What attracted you the most? Why would you go there? Was the appealing combination of lights and plants that gave you a warm welcome?  Was it the brightly colored doors or inviting warm lighting inside the windows?  Or maybe a fun creative signage on the outside?

No matter how small your place might be, there are tons of tricks you can use to transform the front of your restaurant. You can opt for small furniture elements such as couches and chairs to make those quests waiting for a table, more comfortable. Play with greenery and garden light if possible, make it as cozy and welcoming as possible, and don’t forget to use every inch of that space.

Restaurant entrance

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The Bar Should Be a Focal Point

Yes, a bar in a small tapas restaurant is possible and much-needed. Those who have this luxury, use it to divide a dining room from the bar. If that is possible, make sure that you make it the focal point of your restaurant.

There are various things you can and should replace at a bar and you should not overlook the fixtures and lights. For instance, you may check Hausera for an extensive array of shapes, sizes and configuration of fixtures to make your bar more appealing. In case you have a narrow location, you should consider having the bar on either the left or the right side with a communal table concept on both sides.

Aside from the layout and décor, you should start playing with an attractive display of your barware and liquor mixed with a catchy lighting system that will make the bar the focal point of your restaurant.  

Bar design ideas

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Decorate According to the Atmosphere

Why are tapas restaurants so appealing? They maintain the same Spanish rustic décor which is extremely tempting for guests. A tapas restaurant must be authentic and inspire a level of comfort that usually misses from finer dining spaces. Take some time and research, see how you can bring that candle-lit tavern atmosphere form Andalucía in your small restaurant.

There are various décor changes you can implement in your small establishment to bring alive the spirit of a tapas restaurant, so don’t rush the process. Make a list with whatever you consider an authentic tapas experience, and don’t hesitate to discuss even with the most experienced restaurant owners or guests about what makes them feel at home when they enter your establishment.

Restaurant Spanish style

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Work on Lights and Colors

The atmosphere if a restaurant defines everything associated with a particular place, in this case, Spain, person or thing. To improve the atmosphere, you should plan wisely everything from the lighting system, sound, décor and color. All these are essential elements that will determine the mood in your small tapas restaurant. A correct play of light may either increase or boost your business’s efficiency. As studies have shown, colors can have a great impact on your customers’ choice and also can affect the amount of money they plan to spend in your restaurant.

Different colors patterns are known to stimulate different emotions and have a huge impact on feelings of hunger and thirst of your future guests. So, if you’re planning to make a small improvement in your small tapas restaurant design, make sure you research what colors patterns and play of light you may use in your restaurant format.

Black and red colors restaurant

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Keep in mind that no matter how small your location might be there are infinite ways you can transform it and make it more appealing for the eye of the hungry. Remember to stick with the original tapas tradition and have a council table layout where everyone, regardless of their age and group number can enjoy the “family” vibe and coziness of your restaurant. Rethinking the design of your it can take a lot of effort, energy and expenses, but is something you should consider for the sake of your business’s efficiency when looking for tapas restaurant design ideas.

Restaurant Design

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