Sol De Frio frozen yogurt store was designed by Mindful Design Consulting to bring calorie-healthy dessert and beverage options to Clinton Township, Michigan. Unlike your traditional yogurt shop, Sol de Frio offers its customer self-serve warm beverages to provide “cold day” sweet option. The yogurt and hot drink store design and branding was created to provide a comfortable and relaxing setting for all ages.

sol de frio yogurt shop interior design bench

Many dessert places have a stagnant menu and disappointing services. By improving on these aspects, Sol De Frio tries to enhance customers’ experience by “overserving” their needs. By having an easy-to-read menu, warm setting and playing relaxing music, getting dessert at Sol De Frio is a treat in more than one way. The focus is to encourage all age groups to come and enjoy a healthy snack and the company of others in the store.

sol de frio yogurt shop interior design bench

The branding colors we picked for Sol de Frio are orange and blue which represent the juxtaposition of cold frozen yogurt with hot beverages on the store’s menu.  A neutral beige pallete and darker wood were used to combine the two colors into one scheme.

sol de frio yogurt shop branding board

We kept the same chromatic approach is the design of the Sol de Frio logo. 

sol de frio logo

We incorporated a lot of curved lines into the layout, finishes and details of the store. Enveloping chairs, round pedestal tables, sphere light fixtures and a curved counter whose lines are repeated in the floor treatments make the interior warm and inviting. Wood-paneled soffits continue this theme at the ceiling level. 

sol de frio yogurt shop interior design bench

Comfortable bench seating was designed along one of the walls. Well-suited to a hot drink store design, an electric fireplace was installed into a wall on the right to create a conversation corner that would be comfortable in winter.

sol de frio yogurt shop branding

Interior elevations drawings for Sol De Frio yogurt store interior and branding design

Designer: Mindful Design Consulting
All photos: Mindful Design Consulting

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