If you are wondering what next is going high-tech in restaurant design, wonder no more. Here come the Kodisoft IRT smart cafe and dining tables, both products of Ukraine, and tommorow’s interactive restaurant furniture. If you intend to build or rebuild your cafe, dessert shop or small restaurant as one with its feet well-planted in the future, consider these innovative smart tables. By doing this, you will also help businesses in Ukraine and become part of the positive forces in this hard-tested corner of the world.

Smart dining tables with interactive features

IRT dining table

First, a word about the non-profit organization that helps world-class Ukrainians businesses and start-ups gain international recognition and customers. Spend with Ukraine supports Ukrainian economy by promoting Ukrainian businesses that offer exceptional products and services. The people behind these businesses support the resistance, so you can feel good about contributing to a good cause. Among them, Kyiv-based Kodisoft places itself at the forefront of intelligent furniture design. The Kodisoft IRT smart tables are an entirely Ukrainian creation, from research and development to the manufacturing process.

Square cafe table with menu display and children activities

IRT cafe table

Prefectly designed and holding great potential for use in restaurants, cafes, clubs, bars, hotels, malls, casinos, airports and any waiting zones, the Interactive Restaurant Technology (IRT) smart tables truly change the way customers patronize a business.

So what do these smart tables do? The answer is – virtually everything. In restaurants or dessert shops, the customers can view the menu, including pictures, ask for more in-depth information related to ingredients, food nutritional value and method of cooking, then place their orders. They can play games while waiting for the food, browse social media, message people at other tables, or share content from a smartphone, while children can entertain themselves by drawing or coloring. Finally, they can pay without the need to wait for a waiter, and even leave reviews.

Smart table display with menu options and interactive games

IRT cafe table

The advantages of such a system are obvious. First, it eliminates human error and reduces the stress of hiring. Second, the in-depth information is at your customers’ fingertips, which allows them to make the right food choices and gives them more chances to end up satisfied. Third, it removes the need for menus or restaurant tablets, and it attracts families with both their entartainment potential and futuristic design. Fourth, there is no waiting time when ordering or paying. Finally, it accommodates the hurried customer, the one that is on the hunt for the next “cool” place, and (why not?) the introvert.

Using the smart table to make a payment

While the concept of an interactive table is not new, smart tables are usually designed for limited in-office use and are not suitable for use in restaurants. One of the challenges consists in the fact that each restaurant table must accommodate  multiple customers, all clicking at the same time. The multi-touch screen employed by the IRT cafe table makes this possible and is based on Kodisoft’s proprietary KoSenseยฎ technology, the only one in the world appropriate for public use. 

One central Command Centre allows you to operate all the aspects of your business with great efficiency. Detailed order maps and table views, staff and client management, discounts, statistics, social marketing – all are under your total control and available to you at all times. A generous collection of applications are at your disposal, with the option of adding your own that you can create using the Software Developing Kit.

Smart table for coffee shop, dessert stores and small restaurants

IRT cafe table

The vandal-proof design of the IRT smart tables is made to withstand heavy use. Do you fear that your customers will enjoy themselves so much that they will start dancing on the tables? Fear not! The table is virtually indestructible, with a steel-reinforced frame and a scratch, dust and water-resistant diamond-tough glass top. Yet the table is pleasant to the touch, and the design sleek and elegant.

The IRT tables are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use, and are a tremedous contribution to the success and smooth operating of your business.

Smart dining table with diamond glass surface

IRT dining table with diamond-hard safety glass

All photos: Interactive Restaurant Technology

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