Frozen yogurt store design in lime, pink and blue

We cannot think of a better reason to open a frozen yogurt shop than trying to create for others the great memories you have enjoyed yourself. This is how Sprinkles on Top started as a family-owned small business in Elk Grove, California. This was also our focus when helping the store owners come up with a frozen yogurt store design that is fun, colorful and memorable.

Sprinkles on Top was inspired by the owners’ two daughters and their love for sweet treats. The Singh family’s efforts to build this business was driven by the desire to offer the members of their local community a new, upscale place where they could share laughter and stories over some scoops of yumminess, the way that they have often enjoyed themselves.

This is not your average froyo shop with minimal décor and ordinary flavors. To the delightful taste of its quality, healthy frozen yogurt, the store adds the visual treat of an exuberant interior where families and friends will love to hang out and indulge their sweet tooth. Sprinkles on Top is set to open in the spring of 2022 at 9630 Bruceville Rd., Elk Grove.

Frozen yogurt shop interior with striped soffit

We helped design the interior of the store, create a brand identity for Sprinkles on Top, and complete the less glamourous task of getting the necessary permits. 

Sprinkles on top Coming Soon Banner Design

Many design choices were inspired by the very name of the store. The colorful sprinkles on top of frozen treats are the ones that demand attention and finish off the look. We wanted the same eye-catching effect from the colors we chose and the graphics we created. A combination of lime green, hot pink and light blue – to which we added some pastel tones for good balance – guaranteed a visually engaging interior.

A good dose of white elements and a few occasional splashes of deep burgundy offer the eye some rest or give more weight to some of the design elements. 

Pink and green chairs and benches in ice cream store interior

We gave the interior some structure with bright monochrome seating pieces that we alternated for an informal effect. Lined against two opposite walls, upholstered benches anchor the space while allowing the daintier minimalist chairs to fill in the rest of the room. This kept the interior airy and easy to navigate, with nothing to block the view of the counter. 

The white counter-height window table makes use of the extra space available while allowing customers to enjoy a view of the street.

Colorful wall graphics of sweet treats in frozen yogurt shop

To these main blocks of color, we added graphics and patterns, mainly with wall and counter décor. We believe that the powerful visual effects of stripes is always worth exploring, so we used it in the customized wallpaper that lines the entrance wall and the curved soffit above the counter. The soffit mirrors the shape of the counter, giving the serving area more depth and definition. Flanked by two lime green walls, the counter becomes the focal point of the room.

Above each row of benches, fun graphics prepare customers’ taste buds for the delights to come and introduce a few curved and circular elements into the design. They give the benches a little more height and have a strong presence in the overall design. 

Echoing the design of the front counter, a sprinkle pattern lines the top part of the wall, a trick whose symbolism we are sure will not be lost on the customers of Sprinkles on Top.

Elevations of ice cream store interior design

The concrete floor provides a neutral background for all the bright colors, with the added benefit of excellent durability. Combined with the white Corian counter top, white diamond wall tile and exposed ceilings, it gives the shop a touch of urban sophistication.

Spherical light fixtures with a cutout design and transparent ones in pink and blue complete the ceiling landscape and add to the recessed lighting above the counter.

Colors, finishes, materials, furniture and lighting selection for frozen yogurt store design

Pantone colors for Sprinkles on Top store design

We created the Sprinkles on Top logo using informal fonts, the brand colors and the stylized image of a frozen yogurt treat in an effort to capture the company’s “spread the cheer” philosophy.

Colorful logo of Sprinkles on Top froyo and treats shop

Finally, we designed the Sprinkles on Top loyalty cards that reuse some of the graphics included in this frozen yogurt store design.

Graphics for froyo store branding

Business cards for frozen yogurt shop


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