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Starbucks Creates a New Concept – Tea Shop – Commercial Interior Design News

tea store interior design

Starbucks is looking to connect with another group of caffeine drinkers with its new store, Teavana. It set up shop on the Upper East Side of New York with dim lights and calming music, as well as comfortable chairs and the smoothing aroma of tea everywhere in the store.

tea store interior design

Teavana is for the opposite crowd. Where Starbucks expects to cover the morning rush, Teavana is hoping to hit the afternoon and evening crowds. They want to provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere for people to go after a long day at work. Trained “tea associates” greet customers as they walk in and offer samples to different kinds of tea.

Simple materials used such as wood and concrete to create calming atmosphere.

tea store interior design

Customers have described the place as “zen,” which seems to be exactly what the company is going for. The store is characterized by its relaxing atmosphere, which is helped by its decoration. Different tea leaves are mounted on the wall. From floor to ceiling, the store is covered with white, green, and black oolong, mate, rooibos, and herbal tea leaves. Lights are dimmed just enough so they won’t overwhelm the customers. Each bit of space is planned out so it will constantly exude a calm atmosphere for those needing a relaxing cup of tea at the end of the day.

tea store interior design

And the selection isn’t too bad, either. The Upper East Side’s Teavana offers about 100 flavors at their bar. Cococaramel Sea Salt, Strawberry Blush Rose, and Yunnan Golden Pu-Erh are just some examples. The food is lighter, making sure not to overpower the taste of the tea. There is also a soda machine to make sparkling teas and customers are able to choose from a variety of milk and sweeteners. It is their experience and allows the relaxing patron every ounce of control.

tea store signage design

The Starbucks Reward Card also works at Teavana, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Photo credit: DNAinfo/Gustavo Solis

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