Oversized logo on the wall of a dessert store

Ice Cream Shop Interior Design: Mindful Design Consulting

Another fun project with lots of opportunities for using vibrant colors and pretty patterns was the Scoops N Smiles ice cream store in Florida. With red, yellow and blue as the brand colors, this ice cream shop interior design concept was meant to turn out fresh, cheerful and energizing.

The space was narrow and spread in only one direction, so we decided to emphasize this trait with patterns. We also wanted to bring in a variation of materials, finishes, shapes, wall treatments, accents and details to match the abundance of colors and flavors of the store’s sweet treats. 

Finishes, materials and lighting selection for ice cream shop interior

We started with a concrete floor that we stained in an oyster white hue. The stain technique gave the floors some visual depth, while allowing the surface to stay simple and neutral. We wanted to keep the patterns for the walls and ceiling.

On the walls, we used red, yellow and blue painted stripes to which we added white to lighten up the combination. Beyond the visual impact, the stripes achieved two things. First, they made the space look longer and directed the traffic through the store. Second, depending on how we used them, they emphasized the different functional areas. For example, while the horizontal stripes are predominant, we used vertical ones for the bench in one of the seating areas.

Ice cream shop interior with colorful wall stripes

We alternated these stripes with painted wall stencils in a light, fresh blue. Behind the counter, white hexagonal tiles provide a moment of visual rest from color, while the subtle patterns they create pleasantly balance the stripes. 

To all these, we added solid-color details like red borders or simple graphics that we combined with colorful photographs and an oversized version of the store logo. We added plenty of white in the shape of wainscoting and used the generous length of the space for creating appetizing display areas.

Use of multicolored stripes in ice cream shop interior

We picked yellow from the three brand colors for the furniture, because we wanted the interior to be a sunny and lighthearted space. We mixed it with white and wood tones, and chose modern chairs and svelte pedestal tables to make good use of the available space, to keep the traffic smooth, and to give this ice cream shop interior a young vibe. We used the same easy-to-clean, wood-toned plastic laminate for cabinets, and we reiterated the color combination with a yellow laminate for the counter siding and a white quartz countertop. 

Colorful counter against white wall tiles

For the ceiling, we used a light patterns and white-hued tiles that catch and reflect the light. The colored-glass light fixtures borrowed from the soft lines of the chairs and tables and from the bold colors of the wall treatment, softening them a bit. The final result was an ice cream shop interior whose details express well the promise of joy suggested by the store’s logo, also designed by Mindful Design Consulting. 

Cheerful logo for ice cream store brand

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