Designer: Tokujin Yoshioka
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Those who are looking for some sparkle in the Swarovski store of Ginza, Tokyo, get it even before they set foot in the building. The store welcomes its patrons with a cascade of “crystals” right above the entrance, a perfect introduction to a place that sells light, transparency and glamour.

Jewelry Store Front Design

In 2008, the façade of the Tokyo store, designed by Tokujin Yoshioka, was only the beginning of a worldwide Swarovski boutique and concession revamp that today is on full and spectacular display in places such as New York City and Chicago.

Store Facade Design

Made of almost 1,500 vertical stainless steel mirror reliefs, the dazzling structure overwhelms the eye with its ever-changing plays of light and reflections, and with an extraordinary suggestion of nature, created with the most surprising material for the job.

Crystal Storefront Design

During the day, the façade reflects its surroundings, different from every angle and changing along with the light. At night, it transforms them with an outpouring of light and glimmer. If Tokujin Yoshioka‘s declared goal is to use his designs in order to shape people’s emotions, here, he achieves a design fittingly fluid and alive.

Swarovski Store Front Design

The façade is only part of the Swarovski “Crystal Forest” concept that offers those who enter the store an almost surreal experience. The customers find themselves wandering among bejeweled trees, on crystal-laden floors and under a rain of sparkling gems, in search for their treasure. The dramatic design concept makes it clear: this is the land of beauty, where the eye never hungers for light and sparkle.

Jewelry Store Interior Design

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