I am Ukrainian but I was born in Asia. When I was young my family was always on the move because of my father’s job. We lived in some of the most incredible historical places you can only imagine, such as cities along the famous Sink Road.  Because of this I think the poetry of Asian architecture influenced my creativity in so many ways. Throughout my life I was lucky enough to take design classes in Paris, France and Florence, Italy, the largest design centers of the world! Eventually I received my MA Degree in Architecture from The New School of Architecture and Design in San Diego, California, USA. I had an incredible opportunity to work as a designer for several high profile architecture firms in San Francisco and San Diego: FPBA, BPA, Tucker Sadler Architects, Powell & Partners Architects and Hendler Design. I also had the great pleasure to work for Alison Whitelaw at Platt / Whitelaw Architects – a San Diego firm specializing in sustainable / green architecture. My two greatest passions in life: design and travel. This is why I enjoy working with international clients. I love learning new cultures. Traveling also helps me to collect fresh new ideas and to implement them designing for my clients. I get tremendous inspiration from seeing different architecture and styles around the world.

I have been participating in several design competitions, including C2C – Green House Design. My rammed earth self-sustaining house design was selected by a Roanoke, VA contractor for construction. My work has been published in several trade journals and magazines, including ‘Architecture’ magazine.

One of the most incredible experiences in my life was working with a Chinese developer on a 100 acres project. I got to travel to China and meet with local mayors of Jurong province. My team created an amazing design for a small sustainable community called Jade Dragon.

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