You can inquire any of the following services separately:

  • Concept Brand Design
  • Logo and Signage Design
  • Space Planning
  • 3d Rendering and Illustration
  • Custom Cabinetry Drawings
  • Select and Specify Materials, Finishes and Furniture
  • Construction Drawings
  • Equipment Selection and Finishes
  • Furniture and Upholstery Selection
  • Coordination with other Consultants (Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, etc…)
  • Lighting Layout and Selection
  • Permitting Process
  • Website Design

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Our Design Process:

Every step of design starts with the basics – visualization. Only by seeing your ideas and designs for your space remodel brought to life can you truly decide if it is exactly what you are after. Using the latest technology we will show you several designs for your ideal space, which may have the involvement of several design professionals during this initial stage depending on your project. For example, this may include a designer and a furniture systems specialist, or it may be a single designer working alongside a 3D artist. After this process you are welcome to either move forward with the development of the construction documents with us, or you can take over and move ahead with your remodeling project alone. You are under no obligation to use more services than you actually need for your design project.

Following are simple steps we follow on each project:

  • Gathering information about your business and summarizing the desired outcome of your project, measuring your existing space or finding existing drawings for your building.
  • Using AutoCAD we draw your existing space and start developing a few concepts of the future design.
  • We provide a few design options for your review and allow you select a final option before finishing up the Design Portion of your project.

Design Services

Even though you’ll be eager to start your improvement construction so you can finally have your ideas brought into reality, you will first need drawings that the building contractor can use to start the project, as most are trained to read architectural drawings. Along with this, you may also need a set of technical specifications. We will give you all the tools you need to be able to get your improvement contractors working how you want them to work. We constantly research new installation techniques and the materials so we can educate your contract on all the latest innovations as we go.
Also, if your project requires a building permit, we will know how best to deal with the local building department authorities, which will take the pressure off of you!

Here are a few steps we follow at the next phase of each project:

  • We draw up more detailed plans including assembly details for your contractor.
  • We choose precise materials, colors, furniture and light fixtures for your space. We also create a set of Technical Specifications for your project, if desired.
  • If needed, we submit your project to get required approvals by the local City Building Department.

We understand that you want to make absolutely sure that you are hiring the right specialists for your project. Even the best ideas can be truly disastrous if they are implemented by somebody not trained for the job! Despite the great number of experienced contractors out there, their expertise is usually limited to certain areas. If you do decide to go alone after your initial project start with us, then carefully check you contractor’s type of license – she/he may not be qualified for the exact job you need to have done! We can also recommend our contractors who we have been working with before.