When we found Mindful Design Consulting, we did not know that we would find a ‘partner in progress’. It was not only fun working with Ekaterina but also a great learning experience. We received very professional service with personal attention for our needs. Ekaterina is not only extremely talented in conceptualizing client’s ideas and requirements but she does it with a unique flair of ease and simplicity. Her choice of materials and design blend in harmony with the theme of the project. Ekaterina was involved in our project with passion, pride and took full ownership. She can dream with a dreamer and provide encouragement when you hit a bump. The most admiring quality I find in Ekaterina is that she knows when to say “no” which kept us on track with our theme. Although we have known Ekaterina for just two months but by the end of the project, she has become a part of our family. APRICATO will owe a lot to Ekaterina for its success. If you have a dream to start small but think big, I highly recommend Mindful Design Consulting.