Shannon O., Office Design - San Diego, CA

Ekaterina helped to design our law office. She was amazing! When we began I really had no idea what I wanted, I just knew that I like certain colors & a certain vibe. When Kata came back with our design it was perfect! She has a great attention to detail & knew exactly what would work for our business. She was very communicative & was constantly emailing me with updates. I would absolutely recommend her.

Tony B., Store Design - Kenosha, WI

Mindful Design Consulting was referred by a friend, said they were GREAT and boy, he was not lying. Ekaterina was amazing, very fast and hit everything on the head. I would definitely refer Mindful Design Consulting. Thanks again Ekaterina!

Hesham S., Hookah Lounge - El Cajon, CA

Ekaterina (Mindful Design Consulting) was great to work with. Her work is hands down the best! She is quick and professional. When it comes to pricing you get the best bang for your buck! Keep up the great work! See you on the next project!

Anna Roselli, Penny Lane Store - Campbell, CA

Ekaterina (Mindful Design Consulting) has been amazing to work with. She helped me to design my store's logo along with all of our branding material for PennyLane Frozen Yogurt and Candy. In addition to design work, she also worked in conjunction with my local architects to design my store's floor plan and interior. We are currently in the construction phase and it's so wonderful to see her designs come to life in my store! She does a wonderful job at syncing your taste and store needs into whatever parameters your project contains. I honestly don't know how I could have survived this process without her expertise and advice. I can't wait to open up my second store and have her design the next project!

Susan Gubelman, Sassberries Frozen Yogurt Store - Robinson, IL

Mindful Design Consulting designed our frozen yogurt shop, Sassberries, located in the Midwest. We have received rave reviews from our customers, who believe that we must be a high-powered franchise! The stylish design has turned us away from a fluorescent and formica snack shop into an inviting place to hang out and enjoy froyo.

Terry Radha B., Yo3Metro Store - Gainesville, FL

I was looking for a designer for my frozen yogurt store who would create a fun yet elegant look and found Mindful Design during my research. They far surpassed my expectations with their custom store design, branding, as well as with their supporting services which included logo and website design. It was truly a wonderful experience working with this positive and very creative group. I highly recommend them and would not hesitate to use them in the future.

Joe S., Frostie Bites Frozen Yogurt Store - Round Lake Beach, IL

When my wife and I decided to start our own frozen yogurt store, we didn’t know what to expect. After contacting Mindful Design Consulting, that all changed. We asked them to create a brand and image from the ground up, and they went above and beyond anything we could have asked for. Our frozen yogurt store design and brand exceeded anything we could have hoped for. Every step of the way we were well informed and all of our questions we answered very quickly. The end result is amazing. They took our very vague idea and turned it into a highly polished product that rivals many franchises. We especially like the bright colors and our logo design. After they handed off our finished design, we have had a few questions along the way. Mindful Design Consulting has been very attentive to our needs even at this stage of the deal. Highly impressed. If anyone out there is in need of theses services, we would absolutely recommend Mindful Design.

Manoj Chopra, Apricato Store - Sylvania, OH

When we found Mindful Design Consulting, we did not know that we would find a ‘partner in progress’. It was not only fun working with Ekaterina but also a great learning experience. We received very professional service with personal attention for our needs. Ekaterina is not only extremely talented in conceptualizing client’s ideas and requirements but she does it with a unique flair of ease and simplicity. Her choice of materials and design blend in harmony with the theme of the project. Ekaterina was involved in our project with passion, pride and took full ownership. She can dream with a dreamer and provide encouragement when you hit a bump. The most admiring quality I find in Ekaterina is that she knows when to say “no” which kept us on track with our theme. Although we have known Ekaterina for just two months but by the end of the project, she has become a part of our family. APRICATO will owe a lot to Ekaterina for its success. If you have a dream to start small but think big, I highly recommend Mindful Design Consulting.

Joe S., Frostie Bites Frozen Yogurt Store - Round Lake Beach, IL

I just wanted to drop you a message and say thank you! We opened on Sept. 24 and business is going GREAT!! We have had an overwhelming response to our store, everyone has very positive comments about the design. Many people ask if this is a franchise, and they are very surprised to hear that it’s not. It took just about forever to get this place open, but it was so worth it. Thank you so very much for all of your hard work.

Ricardo B., Real Estate Development Project - San Diego, CA

I came to Mindful Design Consulting to ask them to design an extraordinary building for our new development proposal. They listened carefully, were communicative, creative and met a very tight dateline. The result was an amazing mixed-use building which everyone loved and couldn’t wait to build immediately. Mindful Design Consulting had a clear understanding of the project from the get-go and went straight to work. Progress moved smoothly and with no delays. Anybody who wants a responsive and creative design firm can count on Mindful Design Consulting to deliver their projects on time and on budget.

Virginia Weber, Law Office Remodel - San Diego, CA

Ekaterina is a creative and intuitive designer. She met with me and crafted a design and “pictures” for my office remodel. I loved the ideas at first glance. She followed through with the contractors and builders to make sure that they were performing quickly and efficiently. Now that I have been back in my office for a month, I realize that her ideas were perfect for me, my space and my clients. I love my new office and can highly recommend her for any project.

Katie B., Law Office Redesign - San Diego, CA

Ekaterina and Mindful Design did a fabulous job on our office! The colors she chose were perfect – bright and cheerful. The scope of work and planning was massive, but all parties involved worked quickly and effectively to create a lovely environment. They made a positive impact on the office – even on a rainy day it is a cheerful space to walk into and work in. It was a pleasure to work with Ekaterina and her contractors! Thank you Mindful Design Consulting for a wonderful and energizing new work space.

Mila T., Splash Coffee Shop Design - San Diego, CA

Mindful Design Consulting are true professionals! I got exactly what I needed in a short period of time. It was difficult for me to visualize something before I decided on the actual space. I was amazed by your ability to represent my ideas into definite interior look with style. Thank you for all your help!

Tyler Jensen, The Startup Garage Office Design - San Diego, CA

When I came to Ekaterina I had no idea what I was going to do with my office. All I knew was how I wanted to feel and how I wanted my clients to feel in my office (peaceful). She was able to take that and turn my office into a calming and organized environment that leaves me and clients calmly enjoying meetings. Much gratitude!