Designer: Adolfsson and Partners
All photos: Joachim Belaieff via

It is only fitting that the new office of the company behind the “Candy Crush Saga” game bursts with color. Designed by Stockholm-based Adolfsson and Partners, the King office is nothing you would expect from a standard workplace. Described by its creators simply as “The Kingdom,” the space lives up to its name: its “landscapes” offer plenty to take in, while the colors seem to have come out of a computer game.

In fact, the design started with the very idea of a landscape, a concept that is part of King’s line of game graphic work. The designer intended this space to look like the scenery you would find in a fairytale. While the typical office usually offers no chromatic stimulus, the King office is nothing short of a chromatic tonic.

But colors do not only have an aesthetic value here. They are in fact visual pointers that improve navigation through the office, which has been divided into multiple spaces, each around a specific theme, from treasure island and sandy dunes to wild jungle and pavilion park.

The office is populated with displays of graphics from King’s games captured in different mediums – wallpaper, vinyl on glass walls or as 3D representations.

Of course, the main criteria when designing an office is the way this design influences the work of the employees, from providing spaces conducive to relaxation and meditation to those that inspire and motivate. Instead of the uninspiring and impersonal typical desks, the King space is divided between meeting rooms, relaxation rooms, concentration rooms and play areas (including a pinball hall), with hammocks, fireplaces and plants strategically used to create an environment favorable to creativity.

Finally, since the game design field is one that does not agree with rigid processes, the office furniture was itself designed to accommodate changes in the size of the teams or fluid work operations. Functional and fun, the King office is a good contender for the workplace of your dreams.

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