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Today I would like to share some of my favorite Latest Design Trends which came from the 2011 design award by Interior Design Magazine. Now you can vote for your favorite design products on the market as well, simply go HERE. Text and Photos are from Interior Design Magazine.

Creative Rock Vases
Kathryn Scott Design Studio Ltd
These creative vases were inspired by the nature itself, the porcelain shape is born from an impression of a river rock, embracing the handmade imperfections which sculpt the light as it travels over the object. The real beauty is its relationship with the flowers clustered within them.

Nature Gallery for Walls
Nature Gallery is a high-resolution photographic interlayer collection by 3form that captures the beauty of nature and turns it into larger than life artwork. The panoramic collection of natural elements can be applied in Chroma®, Varia Ecoresin®, Pressed Glass, and Koda XT® for different effects.”

Wink – Apply to Create Dry-Erase Surface
Wolf-Gordon Inc.
This exclusive, clear finish can transform any paintable surface into a write-and-erase canvas. Using any dry erase marker, you can break away from the limits of a whiteboard. The two-part mixture covers up to 90 square feet, and the low VOC, waterbased formula is virtually odorless.

Oxy – Trendy Rough Metal Look
Nemo Tile Inc.
Scratched, oxidised metals. Craft skills and high-tech performance. OXY is the new Nemo project that turns ceramics into a furnishing element. Feisty and full of character, this is a futuristic collection for cutting-edge architectural solutions. Painted sheet metals and oxidised effects create original, attractive looks, in which the ageing and corroding of the material shapes new style canons. Sizes: 24″x48″, 24″x24″, 12″x 24″, 6″x24″.

Hopper – Outdoor Table & Shade in One
Extremis c/o Nova Studio Int’l, LLC
Dirk Wynants began with the concept of a long picnic table, making it more comfortable by adding 4 passthru zones & bevelling the table top edge. Benches have optional backrest. Tables may be attached to floor & connected in a long row for public spaces. Wind resistant shade may be used seperately.

Jewel Box Room Divider
Tracy Glover Objects and Lighting, Inc.
Room divider comprised of glass beads hand-blown to spec. Multiplicity of choices for color, pattern, shape and size. Strung on cable (shown) or chain. Individual strands may be aligned linearly, tensioned floor to ceiling, or suspended.

Soltice 7 – Really Stylish Furniture for Your Lobby or Lounge Room
The Soltíce Collection is KI’s most comprehensive lounge collection. Featuring a new arm design with sweeping angles and modern style, Soltíce further enhances the flexibility and versatility of interior furnishings with distinct sophistication and a simple, natural, human touch.

Alcyone Lighting – Make a Statement!
Sand Studios
Inspired by a coming together of the scientific industrial with the subtle organic, Alcyone Lighting, named after the Greek goddess of the moon and sea, uses delicate machined metal elements to suspend graceful tubes and minimalist forms of fabricated glass in a myriad of sculptural compositions.

And finally my most favorite of all:

HALLEY – outdoor Lighting
HALLEY ranges from the modular and portable arches to organically inspired curved bollards for the outdoors. Each variation of the Halley provides creative and sophisticated LED lighting for outdoor living spaces. All models are ETL wet location certified.

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