Stationery items as excellent branded corporate presents

Are you seeking effective ways to strengthen your business relationships, boost your branding, and deliver appreciative gestures all at once? Branded corporate presents are a powerful marketing tool that can do exactly that.

However, you need the right gifts to make an impression and have an impact. Here are a few hints to help you distinguish between the factors that make one gift merely adequate and another genuinely unforgettable.

Woman offering nicely wrapped gift

What Is a Branded Corporate Gift?

Companies are encouraged to incorporate their brand into their commercial interior design and social media, among other things. Placing your brand on your gifts is also important. 

A branded corporate gift is an object of value that is usually embellished with a company’s logo or slogan. The aim is for this item to create a positive association with the brand in the recipient’s mind.

For example, a pen with your firm’s logo is great for writing and promotion. Every time the recipients use such a pen, they are effectively endorsing your company to anyone who sees them using it. This is why branded corporate gifts can be so impactful for businesses.

Branded corporate gift bags

What Factors Sould You Consider When Choosing a Gift?

The perfect branded corporate gift must strike a balance between being a nice gesture and a promotional vehicle for your business. If the object isn’t useful, your branded gift will come off as disingenuous. If the gift isn’t branded, then the receiver won’t be selling your company.

The right gift can build employee morale, appropriately recognize your employees’ efforts, improve productivity, reinforce company values, and foster team building. To get all these benefits, you need to understand your recipient and determine how you want to promote your company.

Here’s what to consider when choosing objects to serve as branded corporate presents:

  • Budget. Make sure you don’t go over budget when buying a gift. At the same time, you should ensure that the price of the gift fits the occasion. For example, a 10th-anniversary gift should include luxury items like office gadgets or fitness equipment.
  • Occasion. The cost of the item isn’t the only thing you should think about when considering the occasion. The occasion itself can also determine the right gift. A gift that shows appreciation for hard work will look different than a Christmas or New Year’s gift.
  • Personalization. Always know who you’re buying for. One person may love to receive alcohol as a gift, while others would prefer a gadget they can use at work. It’s okay to ask your employees directly what they would like to receive, so don’t be shy about it. 
  • Branding. The branding on your items shouldn’t be overly aggressive unless it’s acceptable to do so. For example, a large logo would look great on a letterman jacket or a tote bag, but something more subtle should be used for a notebook or an office supply kit.
  • Quality. Even if the gift is inexpensive, you should always splurge on quality. Not only will this make your gift more meaningful, but high-quality items often last longer. Quality is also important for food items, as tasty treats are more memorable to others.

Keep in mind that how you give the gift could also impact your choices. If it’s in person, you have to consider the need for wrapping it. If it’s online, you must figure out how you can include your branding on something that isn’t physical. Shipping may also be a factor when it comes to remote employees.

Notebook serving as a present

10 Corporate Gifts Your Receivers Will Love

There are so many types of gifts you can personalize and give to corporate employees, but which ones are the best? Here are some great branded corporate presents that will make an impact.

1. Gift Cards for Employees

Level up your corporate gifting game with our top pick: personalized gift cards for employees and colleagues. To save time and expenses, consider these corporate bulk gift card ideas that offer choices that cater to diverse tastes. Whether it’s a coffee lover’s dream, a tech enthusiast’s haven, or a fashionista’s delight, these gift cards let your team members choose their perfect treat. It’s the ideal way to show appreciation without the guesswork, ensuring your gifts are as unique as the individuals who receive them.

Branded corporate gift card

2. Stationery and Notepads

Pens, notepads and journals are handy to have, and every employee needs them. Even things like branded Post-it notes, staplers and rulers have their place. They can also be offered as swag. Your logo can be placed on all of these items without coming off as too corporate.

Colorful stationery items that can be used as branded corporate presents

3. Office Items such as Mouse Pads

Mouse pads, phone speakers and balance boards are office items that are associated with the workplace and may not see much use outside of it. However, if you regularly host external clients, these items can serve as visible branding. Employees might not use them frequently, but these objects can make an impression when seen by clients.

Branded mouse pad

4. Calendars and Organizers

Calendars, agendas and planners are some of the most useful and portable corporate gifts you can offer. Not only will they help your employees plan their day, but they will be brought out in front of people often. If your planner is unique, you could even sell them on your website.

Example of a planner that can make an excellent branded corporate gift

5. Alcoholic Beverages

If you want to get creative, you could commission a brewery to create your special spirit, beer, wine or champagne for your employees and clients. Alternatively, you could place a bottle of alcohol in a gift basket with other items. Wrap it in branded packaging for an added “wow” factor.

Labeled bottle of wine that can serve as branded corporate presents

6. Leisure Items such as Bags

Things like leather bags, beach umbrellas, wine coolers, cheese boards and picnic sets can all be branded and make for great personalized gifts that are used frequently. It’s a good idea to stay away from clothes and shoes as it’s easy to get the wrong size when shopping.

Leather bag that can be branded with the company's logo

7. Technology and Tools

Gifting and branding tools like USB drives, earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, chargers and digital frames are great ideas, even if you aren’t in the tech industry. However, this is an area where quality is really important. Make sure your gift can last 5 to 10 years with moderate use.

Earbuds that can serve as gifts for tech and non-tech people

8. Food Items such as Chocolate

Food items are great branded corporate gifts because they are often shared with others, or taken home to friends and family. Since these can come off as generic, you need to understand the recipient’s taste preferences to make them memorable. Pack the food in a reusable container.

Chocolate gift in a beautiful simple box

9. Tea and Coffee Gift Box

Tea and coffee gift boxes deserve a special mention because they are welcomed by most employees. Clients also appreciate the gesture, as everyone could use a cuppa to liven up their day. Plus, these items are easy to give to friends and family members.

Beautiful tea box that is appropriate as a branded present

10. Home and Personal Items

While these gifts aren’t always appropriate, lifestyle items like LED clocks, first aid kits, manicure sets and mirrors could delight your employees and customers. Since these items are super personal, it’s important to talk to the receiver first before you buy anything.

First aid kit as an idea of a practical and efficient gift


Branded corporate presents are more than just fancy pens and stationery. They’re the tangible expression of your brand’s values and intentions and can be used to enhance relationships with clients, employees and partners. This guide to unforgettable business gifts brings you the knowledge to plan your next corporate gift initiative carefully and to make your gifting choices count. 

Elegant stationery, including pens and notebooks

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