Ventilation system in commercial interior with ceiling vent

If you own a brick-and-mortar business, a good ventilation system should be on your priority list. Ventilation systems remove excessive moisture, heat and harmful substances from the air. They also prevent the formation of fungi caused by the condensation formed in the absence of air exchange. Ventilation systems in commercial interiors are set up by AC installers and ensure that the air you and your customers breathe is not detrimental to health. 

Professional Installing a ventilation system in a commercial interior

Introduction to ventilation systems

When considering your options for ventilation in your commercial space, you should get familiar with a few terms used in the industry, a task that your AC installer can help with. For example, here are a few types of ventilation:

  • Natural ventilation
  • Mechanical ventilation or forced ventilation
  • Fresh-air ventilation and exhaust ventilation
  • Channel and ductless ventilation
  • Local and general exchange ventilation.

Natural ventilation enters through doors, windows, chimneys, and small gaps in door and window openings. By contrast, forced ventilation is usually provided by fans, domestic recuperators, and other climate control equipment that makes up for the lack of proper natural ventilation. The supply-air component blows air into the room through supply ducts, while the exhaust-air component removes contaminated air. To help the outflow of air, it’s necessary to purchase and install an exhaust fan.

Outside view of a commercial ventilation system

Why you need a commercial ventilation system

When it comes to good ventilation, the main problem is that installing plastic windows has become very common in both residential and commercial spaces. Even though they provide reliable noise insulation, preserve warmth and help save on heating, plastic windows are airtight and do not let the air in from the street. If natural ventilation left much to be desired even after the installation of glass units, plastic windows make the situation even worse. 

Furthermore, commercial spaces require powerful ventilation equipment that is able to control temperature, humidity and the quality of air in large areas. That is why commercial air conditioners are recommended for installation in public and administrative buildings, and in other commercial spaces. The main difference from similar household equipment is the higher capacity and reliability of the compressor units. In order to create a comfortable climate in a large commercial interior, certain parameters need to be controlled, which commercial air conditioners can do properly, while maintaining comfortable climatic conditions.

Air vent on the exterior wall of a tall building

Types of ventilation systems for commercial interiors

Commercial equipment is necessary to optimize the temperature and humidity conditions in large interior spaces, where domestic models are not able to cope.

Manufacturers offer the following types of vents for commercial interiors:

  • Cassette-type air conditioners. This type of commercial equipment was developed specifically to work in rooms with ceilings at least 5 meters high. They are an ideal option for large offices without partitions, where the usual split system is not a good solution. The cassette models are also common in restaurants.
  • Channel models. These commercial models are installed in buildings where it’s possible to hide the inside unit behind the ceiling. These ducted systems are a good option for apartment owners who do not want to look at large units installed on the walls, but they are also used in offices, stores and restaurants.
  • Floor-ceiling models. These devices are equipped with powerful compressors producing maximum cool or warm air. They can be installed both horizontally and vertically, and are a great option for supermarkets, beauty salons, offices, and even private homes where rooms are large and spacious.

Air vents on the roof of a commercial building

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