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Trendy Desserts – Chocolate kiwi popsicle photo source: ShowFood Chef

The world of desserts is no exception when it comes to the need to change with the times. While in the eyes of some sweet-toothed customers everything filled with sugar qualifies as a major attraction, dessert shops need to be inventive in order to attract new clients.

As dessert lovers ourselves, we enjoyed gathering a few ideas that would definitely convince us to open the door of any dessert shop. While chocolate, icecream and cookies will always have their devotees, dessert stores need more to create a stir, make people talk about them and increase their clientele.

The world holds an impressive number of chocolate enthusiasts that would eat almost everything covered in their favorite topping. This is a great opportunity, and dessert store have used it to sink many things in a bath of chocolate, from bananas and kiwi to bacon.

Chocolate-Dipped-Banana - Trendy Desserts

Trendy Desserts – Chocolate dipped frozen bananas from Whatever’s left

As for the chocolate dipped bacon, the unlikely pair may initially raise eyebrows, but will raise interest too. It is, after all, a memorable experience and a good contender for conversation starters.

Chocolate-Bacon - Trendy Desserts

Trendy Desserts – Chocolate Covered Bacon – Photo by lidiajoy1

Greek yogurt cake pops have many things going for them. First, the necessary chocolate. Then, the Greek yogurt that takes your protein intake up. But most of all, the summery vibe that makes you grab one on your way to having fun.

Greek-Yogurt-Cake-Pops - Trendy Desserts

Trendy Desserts – Greek Yogurt Cake Pops from Little Bitty Bakes

And here is the latest New York craze and how Dominique Ansel bakery in SoHo lines up clients: the Cronut. A mini-donut made of croissant pastry deep-fried in grapeseed oil and filled with cream, the Cronut has caused veritable obsessions and is well-deserving of its own capital initial.

Cronut - Trendy Desserts

Trendy Desserts – Cronuts – photo by

Another winning mix is the baklava croissant that blends the consistency of the croissant with the flavors of the baklava.

Baklava-Croissant-Dessert - Trendy Desserts

Trendy Desserts – Baklava Croissant from Cuddly Crumb

If icecream or cookies leave customers wishing for more, a solution is to bring them together. Enter the icecream sandwich, a double dose of yumminess.

Icecream-Sandwich - Trendy Desserts

Trendy Desserts – Coffee Praline Cookies and Ice Cream Sandwiches – Photo by Travallai

While the familiar crepes hardly leave anyone unsatisfied, crepe cakes bring it up a few notches and look absolutely decadent. They are also an endeavor that many home cooks find little time for – so even more of a delicacy.

Crepe-Cake - Trendy Desserts

Trendy Desserts – Crepe cake – Photo by vanessa

With the gluten-free movement on the rise, gluten-free desserts are today more than just an option. It is a sure way to bring dessert-starved, gluten-free customers to your door. Even more points for dairy-free offerings or for a minimal amount of ingredients, like in the case of these coconut oil no-bake cookies.

Gluten-Free-Cookies - Trendy Desserts

Trendy Desserts – Gluten & Dairy Free No-Bake Cookies – Photo by Cassidy

And since desserts in a cup are always a hit, how about boba tea milk? A concoction of flavored tea, milk and tapioca pearls, this drink, originally from Taiwan, is taking the U.S. by storm, causing the opening of boba lounges as an alternative to coffee shops.

Boba-Tea - Popular Trend

Trendy Desserts – Boba Jasmine Milk Tea – Photo by Elsie Hui

Whether trying to shock by mixing unlikely ingredients, charm by reinventing old desserts or be actual by riding the wave of new trends, desserts shops that want to survive should be open to new things. After all, innovation is one sure way to the future.

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