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Twitter Sign Design

Most of us are on Twitter, but do you know what Twitter’s office look like?  It’s located in San Francisco, CA and here are some pictures of the inside. The office collected plush sustainable furniture combined in a fantastic design ethics.  The design theory was to create a fun sustainable space.

Twitter Office Furniture

The walls are painted with VOC-free paints and all the selected furniture is non-toxic eco-friendly. The Twitter logo was made from reclaimed barn wood and hot rolled steel made by Lundberg Design.

Concrete Table

Recognizable bird motifs run throughout the whole office. A long concrete table in the conference room was made of 40{7f6b511118f3db1a05f160455b7bc2b69710387d1f828e7e1b6a763a6e34bbc4} fly ash and 100{7f6b511118f3db1a05f160455b7bc2b69710387d1f828e7e1b6a763a6e34bbc4} recycled aggregates. The base of the table and the receptionists’ desks are made from reclaimed barn wood as well.

Twitter Office Design

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Sustainable Sofa Design

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    This is kool, I will show this to some of the people in my office.
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