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Uptown Muse Boutique Store Design: Mindful Design Consulting
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We have recently created the interior of a new clothing store in Amarillo, Texas, completed with all the details that make for a pleasant shopping experience. Cindy Andazola, the owner of the new Uptown Muse, wanted a chic boutique shop for women, that would offer trendy clothing and plenty to delight the eye. We helped her turn this vision into reality and came up with a feminine boutique store design that hits the right spot between fresh and rich. 

Pink clothing boutique store design intended for a woman clientele

Given the simple rectangular shape of the store, we relied on rich accents, patterns, built-ins and smart placing of clothing and accessory displays to create a landscape that keeps the eye interested as it travels along. To maximize the space and keep it more airy, we used mirrors not only as a clothing-store essential item, but also to reflect open areas and deepen the horizontal expanse of the store. We avoided bulky furniture and chose instead display shelves and racks with a minimalist vibe, that help keep the space open and make navigating the store easy.

Zebra wall print in quaint women's clothing boutique

The chromatic palette centers around rose tones balanced by golden accents, an effective combination that creates a sense of luxury and feminine elegance. Rose-pink painted walls serve as the background for patterns and decorative accents whose contours contrast with this solid block of color. We used white as the main contrasting chromatic element that gives the eye a rest, refreshes the space and frames up the pink walls. 

Pink feathery palm tree accent completes charming boutique store design

Gold mirror frames, gold clothing racks and slim ottomans with gold accents are a few subtle but efficient ways to give the space a touch of opulence without running the risk of taking away from the easygoing character of the store. Two pink feathery palm trees spread their “branches” on top of thin goldtone trunks and soften the look of the store.

Thin-framed arched mirrors have the same softening effect and mix with heavily ornamented large mirrors to keep the design always new as customers progress through the store. Circular or curved accessory displays balance out the rectangular ones to create visual variety.  

Wooden floor planks anchor the design with their dark tones and direct the eye along the length of the store, to the pink brick wall and fireplace at the far end. The traffic is optimized by the slender structures of the product displays and by the optimal use of wall space for shelving.

Minimalist shelving for women's clothing in store interior

We used light strategically to enhance the sense of adventure throughout the store and to highlight the best features of the interior. Track lights provide directional illumination for shelves and clothing, while starburst pendant chandeliers add a decorative element to the ceiling landscape. Neon signs give the store a cool vibe and serve as both wall art and lighting fixtures. The undercounter lights tie in with the colors of the store and bring more warmth to its central area. 

Neon signs play teh role of wall art in boutique store design

The solid wall paint creates an excellent opportunity for the addition of daring patterns. From black-and-white zebra prints to leopard patterns, this is a fun way to give the space a quaint look. Benches shaped as tree trunks tie in with the same nature-inspired sub-theme of the store.

Leopard wallpaper decorative touch for women's clothing store trendy interior

A catwalk area framed by rose-pink draperies is amplified by facing mirrors that make the space appear larger. Set against a daring zebra pattern and the white sides of the platform, their rich folds contribute to an eye-catching presentation area.

Zebra-pattern catwalk framed by pink draperies in women's clothing store

Using mirrors to amplify the space in retail interior design

The storefront design reiterates the interior theme on a smaller scale. Pink draperies embrace the mannequin display, while allowing a peek into the store. This allows the colors and patterns of the interior to play a decorative role in this simple and elegant window display.

Elegant women's store window display with pink draperies and chandelier

You can visit the Uptown Muse store  at 2612 Wolflin Avenue in Amarillo, Texas, and experience first-hand this charming boutique store design in a few weeks.

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