Godiva kiosk flaunting lively colors in San Francisco mall

While traditional Godiva stores have a kind of formality meant to underline the long Godiva tradition, the Truffle Express kiosk located in Westfield Centre Mall of San Francisco takes a more lighthearted design turn. Created by dash design of New York in partnership with Creative Brand Strategist Peter Levine, the kiosk looks like the energetic, sunny relative of these more conventional stores. It is a perfect example of the clever use of vibrant colors in kiosk design and their appeal to an audience hungry for fresh original looks.

Vibrant colors and lights in the design of Godiva kiosk
Built to serve the “on-the-go” crowd and allow Godiva chocolate lovers to easily grab one or more truffles, the Godiva kiosk has the cool vibe meant to attract a younger clientele that enjoys a quick treat. The interest of this firm in how psychology is influenced by design is well known, and Truffle Express is yet another example of making design choices guided by a desire to create the right response in the targeted audience.

Godiva logo on a vibrant blue frontispiece
The modern look of the kiosk is a result of the vibrant yet soft color palette, as well as the clean lines and the geometric precision in the use of modern materials that morph into a balancing game of rectangles and circles. While the kiosk retains the crisp white counters that highlight the appetizing colors of Godiva truffles, the background is an outburst of happy colors.

Kiosk design with colorful menu
The choice of bright colors comes not only from the desire to give the kiosk a fresh, energetic feel, but also to balance the otherwise simple silhouette of the structure. While soft and pleasant, the colors are far from being shy and create chromatic combinations that emphasize each other’s visual appeal.

Use of LED lights to create a colorful kiosk design
Even less timid than the other colors, orange is used on back-painted glass, in order to grab the attention of passers-by. On both sides of the kiosk, colorful graphics announce the new Godiva flavors and are changed as these flavors evolve.

Dessert display in chocolate kiosk
The LED sign changes colors, giving the kiosk a celebratory feel and emphasizing the variety of flavors. Sleek and visually appealing to modern tastes, Godiva’s Truffle Express is a cheerful presence in the middle of a busy location and a stellar instance of how the use of vibrant colors in kiosk design can bring on a positive response. 

LED lights changing colors in chocolate kiosk design

Via retaildesignblog.net
Designer: dash design
All photos: retaildesignblog.net

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