Massive elephant sculpture welcoming customers to kid-friendly restaurant

When it comes to restaurant interior designs, most are not family friendly. Many are jammed full of leather booths, dark interiors and an overall feel of adult restriction. However, the imaginative and fun designer team at the NUCA Studio has created bright and innovative ways to invite children and adults into the Phil Restaurant in Bucharest, Romania, while keeping the overall air of distinction that this space possesses. This kid-friendly restaurant design not only includes a playground and a multipurpose room, but also comes with textures, colors and accent elements that appeal to children.

Multicolored carpet floor in kid friendly restaurant design

With all of the walls, floor and the tallest part of the ceiling covered in a blanket of pure white, other colors stand out. The choice of colors is bright, vibrant and well placed. The purple and bright lime green play off against each other. Not to compete with the bright colors of the railings and lower part of the ceiling, the only other color in this room is the black that outlines a few of the gigantic elephant’s minimal details.

Yellow and purple accents in kids-friendly cafe interior

The biggest visual impact comes from the larger-than-life elephant that stands guard over the stairway and entryway. This huge pachyderm stands below the colorless ceiling, which is made to look even higher against the bright accent painting on the lower ceilings. By painting the lowest level of the ceiling lime green, the next level purple, and leaving the highest part of the room white, the elephant gets an added element of grandeur.

Giant elephant at the entrance of restaurant

By taking the old but functioning elements of the space and giving them a modern twist, the designers created a kid-friendly restaurant design that stands out and demands to be remembered.

Colorful railings and furniture inside the restaurant

Designer: NUCA Studio
Photos: Cosmin Dragomir via and

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