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Boba Store Design: Mindful Design Consulting
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Boba Spot is a small bubble tea and ice cream store in a busy college area, next to the San Diego State University campus. With make-to-order fruit-infused boba tea, handcrafted ice cream, milk tea and smoothies on the menu, the store is a great place to grab a refreshing treat while on the go. The store interior, however, was small and in need of a few adjustments to make it appear larger and more open. We took on the challenge and created a boba store design where white walls capture and reflect light and where color provides a vibrant balance.

Boba store design colorful logo

Details are important in a space that doesn’t come with character, so we created visual interest by layering wall treatments, playing with textures and creating visual contrast. We used cost-effective solutions, including paint, tile and textured wall panels that brightened up the space.

While we gave the walls a white clean look, we painted the ceiling a deep purple that ties in with the tones of the logo. White stripes give the ceiling more definition and continue the crisp look that we chose for the walls.

Small boba store interior with white textured walls and purple ceiling

The walls are covered with hexagonal tiles with a pattern that creates an illusion of transparence. We extended the same tile behind the counter, to lighten up the existing dark wood.

The Super Rock architectural panels from Interlam have a three-dimensional construction reminiscent of ice-covered heights, very fitting in a place whose treats are served ice-cold. They create a layering effect that we completed by adding an oversized version of the Boba Spot logo on top of the Super Rock sheets, well illuminated by directional lighting. The different angles of the panels enhance the light and become the visual focus of the store. 

A white countertop repeats a few of these angles and contributes to the general feel by reflecting light and further freshening up the space. 

White tile wall in small boba store design

The geometric patterns of the wall treatments lend the store a more modern look and create a sense of order while giving the eye something to contemplate while customers wait. 

Close-up of wall tile in bubble tea store

The Boba Spot logo is also a Mindful Design creation. We used colors that evoke those of fresh fruits and reflect the natural choices in the store’s ingredients. It is an informal yet powerful image that sends the right message as soon as the customer enters the door.

You can learn more about the store’s delicious treats on the Boba Spot website created by our partners NonStop Marketing.

Boba store oversized logo against white wall

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