I know in some situations the budget is the biggest “fun killer” on a design project.  But this is exactly  why I encourage business owners to work closely with your designer from the very beginning and to be open with your budget as much as you can.  We are here to help you to meet your budget and to still get a slick looking building or interior.

Today I’d like to point out the importance of following through with the designs provided by your design professional.  Below you will see an example of how a simple design project was only partially implemented by the client and what it could look like.

Store Front Before

Existing building.

Our client needed some fresh design ideas to improve the look of this old building.  The main goal was to attract more clients from a nearest freeway and to add branding to the store.  We wanted to design something that would stand out, be different and that will show the product’s (mattresses) quality from the first glans at the store’s facade.

Store Front Design

Our Original Design Proposal – Day View.

We proposed to apply one way vision graphics on the facade of the store.  The subject of the images was carefully selected to show jumping kids in clouds which playfully represented the softness of the beds. Also, the background on the images was made to complement the blue logo of the company.

Store Front Design

Our Original Design Proposal – Night View.

We also suggested an acrylic boarder around the edges of the windows to add additional ambiance lighting at night.

Store Front Design

Finished Facade changes.

This is what the client decided to apply to his business windows. From my opinion it did make the building look much better than before. The new images did light up the overall look of the building, but the selected images do not represent the same “dreamy” feeling as the designer intended.  They can not be seen or understood easily from the far. What are your thoughts on this?