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The hotel’s construction time may have stretched by a few years, but so is the waiting list of prospective guests. The much awaited opening of the Poseidon Undersea Resort is still to happen, but the hotel is already on the bucket list of an impressive number of visitors who don’t mind shedding a few thousands for the experience.

Underwater Hotel Design

Made possible by the particular imagination of L. Bruce Jones, Chairman of U.S. Submarines, Poseidon is the first underwater hotel in the world, being built off-shore a private island in Fiji. Its construction started in 2001, forty feet under the sea and is designed to incorporate 25 one-of-a-kind suites.

Underwater Hotel Suite

The transparent acrylic walls of each suite offer a stunning panoramic view of the bottom of the ocean with coral and magnificent marine life. As if that is not enough, external fish feeders make the view even more spectacular.

Underwater Hotel Suite View

Aside from gift shops, a luxurious spa and hydrotherapy center, a fitness center and two fine-dining restaurants, Poseidon Undersea Resort is designed to appropriately offer its guest a dive shop and private splash pools. For those who prefer a quiet time, a library, a theatre, an underwater golf course and a tennis court complete the ambitious plans. In case the underwater views are conducive to romance, the hotel also has a wedding chapel.

Underwater Library

The hotel is accessible from the island through an elevator. The island itself can be conveniently reached by the resort’s private plane, ready to fly guests from the Viti Levu island’s airport.

Fiji Resort

How about safety? The Titanic lesson was learned a long time ago, so each room is isolated from the central hall and endowed with redundant safety systems, among them double-pressure-proof doors and emergency life support systems.

Fiji Hotel Design

But the safety precautions are highly unlikely to be put to the test. The hotel is borrowing, not surprisingly, safety systems used in the construction of tourist submarines – deemed as the safest mean of transportation in the world. In addition, every suite can be separately elevated to the surface for repairs.

Underwater Hotel Room

Just in case all these are not enough to entertain the guests, they have the chance to learn how to operate a Triton submarine, guided by a personal pilot. To those who love all things underwater, Poseidon Undersea Resort offers the ultimate scheme of getting away from the restless rhythm of earthy life.

Underwater Hotel View

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