Yogurt Shop Design

By Ekaterina Kohlwes from Mindful Design Consulting

Yolick Yogurt Shop is an existing store located in Shanghai which lacked identity in its interior. Today I would like to share what was the inspiration behind this fun yogurt shop design and to maybe show you some of the process we go through during design.

We were given a challenge to come up with a fun and inviting space which would have a completely different identity from any other famous frozen yogurt store chains around the world such as Pinkberry, Snog, Yogen Fruz …  That means we could not use the same colors, (pink, orange, green or blue), no could we use the same finishes, forms or shapes in our interior.

The idea of creating a “creamy” texture feeling came to me because when we crave for yogurt we first of all crave for that smooth and rich texture.  I decided to utilize smooth acrylic panels to deliver that creamy texture all around when you enter the store.  The smooth curves at the ceiling and rounded openings for the lights further emphasize the “creaminess.”

As you can see on the image above, we went through a few ideas for wall finishes.  One of them was using wood to contrast with the creamy texture.  This idea was changed later when I saw these remarkable concrete tiles, picture below.

Innovative concrete tiles by ogassian

For the tiled walls we decided to use similar shapes tiles as above only in light banana yellow color with smooth texture.

Yogurt shop interior design sketch by mindful design colsulting

Above is one of the first design sketches and furniture, lighting, materials selection for the project.

Using TV monitors for ongoing fun ads and seductive imagery of frozen yogurt was another way to bring technology to this yogurt store and to create a place of attraction and destination for younger crowds of passing by shoppers.

Yogurt shop branding design mindful design colsulting

The owner of this yogurt shop wanted an option of having a long seating bench along some walls.  Below is one of the first sketches produced to depict the bench and images of flowers on the wall.

Yogurt shop interior design sketch by mindful design colsulting

Yogut shop design lighting

These lights are a perfect fit for the overall design of this frozen yogurt shop.

For the facade we wanted to produce something inviting and bright.  The images of fruits which were provided by a branding team were a perfect complement to the signage.

Yogurt shop design store front by mindful design consulting

Please let us know what you think about this frozen yogurt shop design and if you feel we succeeded in creating a “creamy” appetizing space for a younger crowd as well as for curious passing by shoppers.  Would you come here to try frozen yogurt?

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