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A unique yogurt store interior design in Mainland China proves that this healthy treat can successfully serve as muse for interior design work. Inspired by the shape of cupped yogurt, the Shanghai-based design company Triad created the branding and interior space for Stone Fresh, an American healthy lifestyle brand.

Finding the connection between camping in the woods and a cup of frozen yogurt in the fact that both offer a happy escape, Triad expanded on the idea. The designers used the art of origami as another source of inspiration to create a stylized forest from 3D shapes.

The message is a subtle invitation to take a walk, explore and, of course, enjoy a healthy treat. The landscape is completed with everything that the idea of camping entails. Rustic wooden tables and stools, many in natural tones, mix well with the modern elements of the interior. A camping van trailer carries yogurt toppings and emphasizes the idea of adventure. A few swings add a playful touch to the happy landscape.

Triangular shapes painted on the walls evoke an evergreen forest and create the illusion of depth. Set against a blue wall, purple angular mountain-like structures keep up with the idea of cold freshness, while taking the customer on an imaginary trip through rough landscapes. Single-light pendants echo the same conical shapes and look like distant mountain peaks covered in snow. Finally, winding through all these nature-inspired elements, a path of hexagonal tiles leads customers to different corners of the store.

Green and earthy tones are heavily used in this yogurt store interior design, beautifully enhanced with lively shades of purple. It is a perfect touch that grabs the attention and makes the other colors shine.

Beyond the charm of these creative decorative elements, there lies the functional virtues of a modular yogurt store interior design. Perfectly transferable, all these elements make the job of expanding to other stores easy, while creating a recognizable brand.

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