Back painted glass

By guest blogger: Shahab Shokouhi a Writer for Dulles Glass and Mirror

Back painted glass

One of the most overlooked ways to add vibrancy to your kitchen is using a back painted glass. Back painted colored glass is custom installed, but has many applications:

  • painted glass backsplashes
  • colored glass countertops
  • kitchen islands
  • colored glass table tops
  • cabinet glass inserts
  • decorative colored glass walls

Back Painted Glass on Walls

Color selection for your back painted glass is not a problem. At Dulles Glass and Mirror, custom colors are offered based on major paint manufacturers including Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams.

Back Painted Glass on Walls

If you are looking for a sleek look of stainless steel to match your appliance, it can be done by applying similar finish on the back of a glass. You will have a unified contemporary look. Use matching custom accessories such as switch plates and outlets to complete the esthetics of your kitchen.

Back Painted Glass Backsplash

For a more traditional look, white colored backsplash would do the trick.  Having more reflective surfaces in your kitchen will help brighten up the space, and make the room look bigger.

Back painted glass

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Cleaning your surfaces will become much easier too. Since the color application is applied to the backside of the glossy glass panels, the color application is protected from scratches, grease, and other wear and tear, while preserving the reflective quality of the surface.

Back painted glass on walls

Back painted glass is being used not only in residential projects.  Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt store designers have been using back painted glass on walls in almost every location to create a modern slick look for their brand.

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