Review By Ekaterina KohlwesMindful Design Consulting

Lighitng in Commercial InteriorAre you tired of your same old interior of your business?  Does your cafe, restaurant, hotel, or an office need some excitement in its decor? How about changing it up with new lighting effects?  It’s one of the quickest and most effective solutions there is!

These lighting fixtures will definitely grab anybody’s attention and change up the mood.  The lights are Design by Constantin Wortmann, Büro Für Form.

The overall style of the light fixtures is very futuristic and out of this world.  I would recommend using these lights with minimalist’s interior or a very contemporary style as you can see on these images.  Clean interiors will complement such a creative light fixture and have enough space for it.

Lighting for Restaurants

Lighting For Commercial Interiors

Some of the light fixtures are big enough to be outside.

Lighting for Commercial Interior and Exterior

Lighting for Commercial Interiors

Interior Lighting

Some of the lights can be used in the interior of your lobby space design or at home. And lastly,  my favorite light fixtures are the following chandeliers.  These can be used in the interior of a residence as well.

Creative Interior Lighting

Creative Interior Lighting Design

Creative Interior Lighting Design

Creative Interior Lighting

To learn more about the designer and to see more images of these lights and other designs by Constantin Wortmann click HERE.

The price of these fixtures is ranging from $160 to $600 and more for the chandelier. Click HERE or HERE to check out the pricing online.