Selecting planters to complement your newly finished interior (or exterior) design is fun but can become time consuming.  Today I would like to share a few creative designs of contemporary planters I have found while searching for something different for one of my projects.

Concrete planters pots in interior design

Kornegay Design offers the most creative cast concrete planters available on a market in a variety of integral pigments as well as natural colors. The Nutshell above comes in standard diameter approximately 28″.  You can also order your custom size  with irrigation & drainage incorporated into the design.

Concrete planters pots interior design

For colder environments Kornegay Design seals the interior of a pot with a bituminous sealer, the exterior with a clear sealer.  Special additive is added to the concrete mix that increases the freeze-thaw capabilities.  To lean more bout these beautiful concrete planters and to see other designs click HERE.

Concrete planters pots for exterior

These beautiful planters are done by Wuasautile company.  They also come in different colors and are 36″ in diameter.  You can truly make a statement with this planter. Take a look at more options on these concrete planters HERE.

Concrete planters pots for exterior

I have become fascinated with concrete planters doing my design research and soon realized that it is not that hard to make smaller size planters yourself.  Larger size will require metal reinforcement and too much work, but look how you can make these cute concrete planters for your window sill HERE.

Concrete plant pots

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