Creative Wall Panels

If bare naked wall is too boring and wall art stickers just do not cut it, give your wall a makeover with Lamellux designer wall panels! With the vast improvements in laser cutting, laminating and thermoforming technologies, wall coverings can now be fluid, organically curving or in geometric motifs. Lamellux panels can be installed as broad monolithic compositions or just as a feature wall. Coupled with evolved manufacturing methods, small quantities productions are easy and may provide easy-to-install frame-and-clip system. Additionally, environmental materials are frequently incorporate into the finished product making this product even more desirable.

Creative Wall Panels

Fluid shapes are illuminated by light and sandwiched with wood bringing out the desired contrast.

Creative Wall Panels

Uneven surface panels with evenly spaced smooth geometric forms gave both visual and sensual effects.

Creative Wall Panels

Different panels’ colors change the feel of the wall immediately, one is more serious and the other is playful.

Creative Materials

German ecoresin called “Design Panel Acrysign”

Panels by Lamellux.

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  1. Allison Rogers
    Allison Rogers says:

    These wall panels are pretty cool. I’m sure they can spruce up any room. I know the company I work for, McGraw-Hill Construction, has a variety of resources for wall panels, but where can I find info on Lamellux wall panels?

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