Yesterday I visited an excellent showroom in Miramar area, San Diego, called Fixtures Living and I would love to share some of my findings in the latest kitchen design trends.  I snapped these photos with my Iphone, so please excuse the quality.

Kitchen Design Trends

The latest trend in kitchen design is combining two different tones of wood on cabinets.  I have been using this design elements as well, but never saw someone else using similar idea. This was refreshing!

Latest Trends in Kitchen Design

Onyx stone is still popular on walls! I was so used to having onyx on commercial projects that forgot all about residential application of this beautiful stone!

Latest Trends in Kitchen Design

When designing your counter tops, try making the top slab about 3-4 inches thick.  Apparently that’s the new look!

Latest Trends in Kitchen Design

I loved this simple way of including your images into overall kitchen design.  The lighting of these cabinets is also amazing.  Too bad my photos can not reflect that.

Modern Kitchen Design

And at the end I am including one of the recently designed kitchen projects by Mindful Design Consulting.

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