Showroom design and transformation from former factory

The road to simplicity is usually long and convoluted. Fortunately, contemporary tasytes seem to embrace simplicity, which is one of the new interior design trends in commercial spaces – and often hard to achieve.

Here is a great example of simple yet effective commercial design. Located in Berlin, the third location of the Zalando online retailer was given an identity by Bruzkus Batek, an architecture, interior and furniture design office. A former factory space was transformed into an interior meant to serve as an auditorium and showroom for fashion events and presentations.

Rather than getting rid of the industrial vibes of the original building, the designers chose to contrast it with warmer display areas, where tiles in pastel colors or aluminum and copper backgrounds create the impression of separate areas within the main space.

Simplicity as of the new interior design trends exemplified in showroom design

Such cube-shaped areas are used for displaying different fashion collections and are inspired by the way artwork is showcased in an art gallery. Here, every collection seems to be surrounded by an atmosphere infused by its own idea – a different world in every display cube.

The elegant simplicity of the interior has its source in the white background, the straight lines and the solid colors. But designers took another step in this direction by including OSB boards in the construction of the catwalk stage. Using raw materials in surprising ways is another technique in the long list of new interior design trends that put underestimated materials in a new light.

Catwalk stage made of OSB boards as part of using raw materials as a new interior design trend
The space includes a canteen where the same elements (tile, wood and solid colors) exemplify again the idea of simple design. Where a splash of color is needed, it is usually rendered through mobile design elements, like the vibrant red chairs below.

Blue tile, light-colored wood benches and red chairs in simple canteen design

Neon and industrial-looking light fixtures align with the industrial character of the space, yet the long pendant light pieces accentuate the height of the ceilings and the elegance of the finished space.

Elegant light pendants and black and white chairs in simple canteen design

Designer: Bruzkus Batek
All photos: Jens Bösenberg via

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